Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a little working and a little out and about this week

Bruh Dirt's perspective did improve the pieces.



But I'm loosing the borders.  They aren't needed.  They appear too oppositional to what is going on in the panels.  I will place a binding on them to stop the eyes from wondering out and away and then I'm finished with these for the moment.  Next week I'll start on the ones I really love in this series but will not put show them until I've completed them.



I didn't go to my workshop yesterday and I'm leaning toward not going today.  Yesterday I felt the urge to be out and about and under the expansiveness of the sky.  A friend of a friend has opened up a resale shop and yesterday we stopped .  It was concluded that I'm currently dealing with a chair fetish.  I found two great bright orange jacquard covered chairs that I wanted to bring home (read but no space to put them).  But here is the front of Bob's store on East Broadway.  Broadway is the main artery of the "original" Louisville running from Shawnee Park (an Olmstead designed park) in the west to Cave Hill Cemetaryat the east. 


I wished I had taken photos inside but once I stepped in I was trying to take it all in and was sooo in oooh and ahhh mode. 

Another stop was a place I've been eyeing for over 20 years wanting to go in and never have until yesterday.  Its on the corner on a busy curvy side street in a residential area.  In the past I would say I'm going to stop in there one day...yesterday was my one day.  It is a small grocer named Burger's that is jammed packed with unique food stuff catering to the gourmet cook.  It still continues to deliver groceries as my friend informed me who had used them a long time ago for her mother.


I purchased some tomatoes for Italian sandwiches we're having today, also, a Cuban lime cola...but I'll be back.  I kinda felt like my great grandmother, perusing aisles like I was in a museum.  I get so tired of eating the same things and this is a good place to go for new ideas for the table.  One of my favorite radio shows is The Splendid vicariously because I've never prepared a recipe from that show.

The last stop on being out and about was chillin' out at Heine Brothers

DSCN3470  A locally owned coffee house where I purchase my coffee for home also.  I love doing my part to Keep Louisville Weird.




  1. There are bumper stickers here that say Keep Portland Weird. Sounds as if you had a good day out and about.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful! Very complex and interesting without being overly busy. You have nailed the colors and contrast too. These are definitely pieces that will draw the viewer in closer to see the details.

  3. oh ho..........I'm in love with 2 & 5!!! You Go Girl!!!

  4. Love these pieces and seeing the difference between border and borderless, I am surprised at the change in emphasis. Much better without, stronger, more intense.