Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big wheels keep on turning...

Today is the first day of school for my youngest child, so we've been busy getting prepared.  I'm still in a funk which will be a long time riding itself out and knowing this is the best resolve to a heart breaking situation. 

I've sewn on a binding to the small work called Willie Pearl and am thinking about doing similiar pieces the same size as a collective genealogical piece.  There is a piece waiting on the line so to speak if I can ever get back into my workshop...again, I'm aiming for Thursday. 

I'm thinking about taking a bookmaking workshop on Friday.  Beginning with the weekend and the following week, there are several textile art related meetings in my calendar...keeps my spirit rolling on the river ;)


  1. Oh dear. I am so sorry for what ever has you in a funk. I think a bookmaking workshop would be a good thing for you!! Hangeth in.

  2. Oh my gosh, your last to have a "first day of school". How magical and wonderful.
    My youngest entered school for the first time two yrs ago and I must say I do love having the day to myself now, however the 1st 6 mts I did miss the little bugger, kept listening for noise or activity to see what he's up to and it was only the sound of silence I heard. These days I love, love, love that sound of silence whenever I can get it this summer.

  3. First day of school are fond and distant memories around here. Cherish each and every moment with the last chick in line.

  4. Bookmaking? Hmmmmm...is that legal....even in KY?

  5. Yes, take the bookmaking class. I took a bunch of small works that never amounted to much and started making a book out of them. It gives me relief, as I like you, have been in a slight funk. Book-make yourself right out of it.