Sunday, August 31, 2008

In Studio 3 Once Again


Well I made it!  This is Studio 3 once again.  I had 3 days of dyeing. 

Thursday I just unloaded and mixed my dye stocks and that was enough.  That was five hours of my time.  I did do something different this time.  I used blenders to mix my dye stock which I didn't mind at all.  I can't shake and stir like I use to (and that goes for more than mixing dye stock although I just listened to Celia Cruz singing and I almost hurt maself ;) ).  All 3 blenders came off of Craigslist for little or nothing.  If you've got the patience it is a great place to find odds and ends for art and studio supplies.


Two other artists where in the house...their names have lost me at the moment but one from Arizona has a month to work on her printing and painting; the other from Indianapolis works in mixed media and was working on etching in metal and some painting.  The artists tend to visit with one another but in a very unintrusive way. 


On Friday Petra joined me.  She isn't an artist but appreciates what artists do.  She accepted my invite to come and play but declined to use the Reduran to remove the dye from her arm.  She said it made her feel like an artist so she wore it home.  I believe she had a very full day.  But the crazy woman plopped one of these


unidentified berries in her mouth until I admonished her to remove it immediately for fear she would fall over dead under my watch.  Geez, can't take her anywhere!


Here are some of the fabrics batching in the heat.  Some of which I left in the containers outside at my workshop when I returned all my supplies today with the help of youngest son who is standing next to his grandmother, aka, my Mama!


He was a huge help loading to go and loading and unloading upon return.


These are the fabrics I left outside just at the top of the stairs leading into the basement, aka, my workshop.  I will get to them sometime toward the end of the week after I put everything back in its place.


Here is the door leading down into my workshop.  Whenever it is open like this it means it is an invitation for every fly in the neighborhood to come party.  Ummm, I just thought about placing a fly repellant by the door to see if that helps.  That way I will be able to leave the door open sometime. 


These, I love a lot!


This is a small isolated section on a small piece.  Reminds me of the tips of spears or arrowheads.


This is a part of the window covering in Studio 1.  I isolated this section with the leaf.  The background is paper.  I find this very calming.




  1. What a handsome young man your son is! It's good to see you back in the dye studio - the orange pieces are delicious. I'm trying to finish up some pieces so I can start fresh. Sewing - my least favorite part of the deal.

  2. I wanted to say the same thing. I loved seeing your son and Mama. Hope you have lots and lots of good stuff for your creations.

  3. I have a suggestion for the fly problem. Hang some gauzy fabric over the door opening. It will discourage most of the insects and yet let in the air. Better than some nasty repellent fumes.
    Those fabrics and the window covering are gorgeous.

  4. YUMMMYYY: the orange fabrics!
    HANDSOME: your son!
    ADORABLE: your Mom!
    GREAT NEWS: your back in the dye studio!
    Warm Hugs

  5. Beautiful fabrics! Loved the story about not being able to take the crazy woman anywhere -- Petra sounds like a great companion. I bet she makes you look at everything with a different eye.

  6. Couldn't help but comment . . . I found your blog from a link at the Spirit Cloth blog and I am really enjoying going back through it. Such gorgeous fabrics! And those unidentified berries? Poke berries. Poisonous as heck.