Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ya know, I haven't dyed fabric all year!

I'm excluding the playing I did to see what the iDyes where all about and I'm excluding the painting on fabric.  I mean the get down and dirty, pull out the equipment, and just let go with yards of fabric kinda dyeing.  Well all that is about to change starting tomorrow.   I have a free day over at MACA and I'm going to anty up for an additional day and I'm going!!!!!!!!!!!  Ade went with me this evening to finish loading my auto.  I was going to "FOCUS" this time and not try to squeeze in every single surface design technique known to humankind.  I was almost there until the last hour of packing when I went through that "I'll take this just in case.  I might need that!  Well I can work this in too" and I've over packed...a real clear clue was when I opened the door and my 2 glass jars of thickener (sodium alginate) fell and broke.  If I remember to take a picture of my vehicle before I unload it, I'll make sure to post it here. 

I decided not to dye at my workshop.  The water source and the rinse out methods that I have to use makes it too too labor intensive and uncomfortable.  Plus too much other things are going on in the space and going outside leads back to being too laborous for me to enjoy it. 

Monday and Tuesday I spent time decluttering and replacing items and taking inventory.  Partly in preparation for the Benn/Morgan workshop coming up.  I vascilate between excitement to jitters.  Excitement due to the preparation of having to put a design board together prior to the class and bringing my intent while remaining open to new ideas; jitters due to hoping I can keep up and meet the demands of being in a group setting versus working solo at my own pace.

Yesterday I worked on cutting stencils from file folders as is demonstrated in the book Complex Cloth by Dunnewold.  I used copy-free designs just to practice and will do some more later on tonight if I don't get too tired.  I'm thinking I better try to turn in early though...yeah, better turn in early and not fool around with sharp tools this late at night.






  1. I hope you didn't turn in before Obama showed up at the convention - so cool. I am all misty eyed, excited and happy.
    One of the twelves, Karen, is taking the Benn/Morgan workshop. Wish I could be there!!!

  2. I have really been enjoying reading your blog, Karoda. Thank you so much for posting. I look forward to hearing how the dyeing turns out. Good luck and have fun.
    Fulvia at

  3. You go girl ! What happened with the fyes? With the IDyes?
    I'm with Gerrie( comment above) Obama's speech was great ! Hope you got to see it !

  4. Girl, I know you had fun doing the dye thing. Can't wait to see what you did.
    BTW, I am so jealous of the time you will spend with Benn and Morgan. What a chance that is and...I know you'll do fine.