Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I forgot the fun of making these gems

Postcards!  This one came together rather quickly and was a joy to make. 



I'm thinking I'll go back into production mode if I can manage them not being a distraction from my central focus.  I really want to complete 4 Poetry quilts by the end of the year.  I'm working on the second one which is a bulldog to quilt.  I can see the lure of a long arm.  This wrestling is making me reconsider working large.  I'm using clips to hold the rolls on both sides of the section under the needle but since I'm quilting in circles using the circular attachment the rolls have to move through the bed and around the needle.  I went online to look at the George quilting machine and became all dreamy eyed just thinking how less difficult it would be to quilt on it.  I printed off a picture and will consider financing one in a year when my car is paid off.  Its a dream, a wish, and a goal...


And the winner of yesterday's music question is none other than Gerrie!  And I have to admit I have no idea who Orlando Brown is...I'm stuck somewhere around 1999 or before.  I'm just not with it on current singers, actors, actresses, movies...if it wasn't for a few friends and family I wouldn't be able to even buy a clue!

Gerrie, your award will be going out in the mail over the weekend!


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