Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Winds of Ike...a bad mutha-shut-your-mouth

I'm on-line, the microwave is going, the tv is on, I can use my land line telephone, I have less dropped calls on my you know what that means?  We have electricity and lines are getting back up.  Sunday the winds of Ike came soaring through here at 80 miles per hour.  Not a drop of rain, just the winds...created the largest black out on record for this area...300,000 homes without power and about half of them still out...another 175,000 homes across southern Indiana...street lights out, lines down, gas stations packed with irritable drivers, trees down, roads blocked, businesses closed, schools are out until next week.  Its been surreal.  A forced sabbatical of sorts.   

Our lights returned yesterday evening.  My parents are still without power but they at least have hot water due to it being on a gas line.  We didn't even have hot water and yesterday afternoon I drew the line and headed there for a shower.  I was beginning to ferment.

Handwork, hand sewing (Hi Jude, Hi Acey)...people who primarily do work by hand would adjust to not having electricity...they're not as co-dependent on the infrastructure (btw, speaking of infrastructure, i'm wondering if budgets for research to advance our infrastructure and maintain it have declined to the point that we all will continue to be at greater risk during natural disasters for a long while in the future way of finding emotional relief by blaming the practices of Bushit), anyways, back to the freedom found in handwork and hand sewing...I didn't do any but instead called 2-3 times a day to see if you parents' electricity had returned so I could finish the quilting of this beast of a quilt...the next one is even larger and I think I'm going to hand quilt the circles.  It would be just too much to squeeze in and out of the bed of the machine.

I'm going to check out some of my favorite blogs and then stop procrastinating from cleaning out the fridge from all the spoiled foods.


  1. well, at least you are ok! i really am concentrating on depending less on energy. i predict may problems in that regard, especially affording it soon when i retire.

  2. Wow! We drove through the rain on Sunday from Ft.Wayne to O Hare. Roads were closed and flooded. I was so happy to get on the plane and head home. I had no idea your area was hit with the winds.
    Hangeth in! I think my goodie arrived while I was out, now I have to go to the PO to retrieve it later today.

  3. Have been thinking about you a lot wondering how you fared and hoping everyone was safe. It's true I can easily do without a lot of gadgetry and even a computer but the lack of showering is not a place where I cope very well.

  4. Glad you're back! It's amazing how bleak life is without all the techno stuff eh?

  5. Wow, glad you are ok- and I hope the power goes on soon. I heard some about this,I have a son who lives in Illinois. I'm with you, showering is not optional if at all possible!

  6. Bless your heart. We here in central Texas got lots of wind and plenty of rain. The power was out for only ten hours but for me it was not fun. Hot flashes demand cold air. Take care.