Saturday, September 6, 2008

Productive Piddling


It took me two days to put the dye supplies away and I just could not get started on the quilting of the piece I have ready and waiting once I finished.  So I piddled around this week.  Carved the stamp above based on some doodling I found flipping through the pages of one of my journals.


And these tiny squares of ink pads are perfect for repetition.  I selected these colours to duplicate the colours of contemporary kente cloth.


And this cloth I made has been up for weeks now.  I decided this week that it isn't going to work as one of 3 panels in the up coming quilt...too garrish and muddy on the left and upper right corner.  It felt good to come to that conclusion.  It was something about it that disturbed me after I put the blue/green/metallic circles on I thought the red circles would "brighten" it up...that didn't work so I added foil and left it to stew and stew and stew and it looks like a cheap knock-off of what I had in I'm moving on and its outta here! 


I also covered a makeshift printing pad.  Its foamcore with 2 layers of batting and a denim like material on top.


The weather is turning cooler and the Farmer's Markets will be closing soon for the season.  Although the cold weather is not my friend I am looking forward to more hearty meals.  I've got a taste for cabbage with onions and green peppers and black-eyed peas in a tomato sauce over rice and some hot water cornbread.  Thats what I hope to prepare tomorrow for dinner. I cook my black-eyed peas in a chicken broth, saute onion, mushrooms, garlic, basil, oregano, salt and pepper then add to the peas along with a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste and finish cooking.  Sometimes I add spinach to it but since I'm cooking the cabbage I'll skp the spinach.  I use to make a spinach quiche that I lost the recipe for years ago and attempts to make it from memory have not worked to my satisfaction.  The crust was made of whole wheat flour, butter, and cream cheese.  The filling was spinach, stewed tomaotes, colby and jack cheeses, mushrooms, eggs, and the Italian seasonings.  I have food on the brain...gonna go see whats in the fridge because today is a "catch is as catch can" kinda day...meaning I'm not cooking so eat whatever you can find.


  1. That quiche sounds sooo good. I want the recipe. It sounds like something from the 70s!!
    I know what you mean when you come to the decision that something is just not gonna work. But it will work for something else.
    Keep the faith and hangeth in!!

  2. Wonder what would happen if you took that piece and cut it up smaller, say postcard, size? One never knows. . .
    That quiche sounds yummy, but I had to laugh at your other food memories. My grandmother was from Georgia (I grew up in California), and on occasion we had southern food. To this day I cannot abide black eyed peas or lima beans. I have since learned that grits are good, as long as they're not the instant kind! Interesting what strong memories food can evoke.

  3. now you have me very hungry. No small feat as my digestive organs have been unhappy creatures for the past few days. but apparent my appetite has returned, if only mentally! Really liking the way you took on the kente cloth influence. Do you press the little ink pads directly on the fabric or have you prepared a little square stamp?

  4. Boy you have been busy lately (like the makeshift printing pad). I agree with Bevrly...cut that piece up!!!
    As for food it's now time for dinner and I so wish you had that quiche recipe...sounds delicious and decadent all at the same time with the yummy cream cheese crust.
    BTW, when no one cooks a meal we say it's a "free for all" night, something my mother coined years back when she was way too tired to cook dinner.

  5. Productive Piddling - a great way to spend time.