Friday, October 31, 2008

Auditioning letters


These are paper letters.  I felt like a small child cutting out these letters.  Then I pretended like I was a teacher putting my bulletin board I sharing too much stream of consciousness thinking. 

I decided against the fine line that would have covered the entire piece because I didn't think it was enough of a contrast or focal point even if it was going to be black.  The bold weightier letters I think will work and give a focal point.  Imagine the letters in black instead of gray.   Possibly in transparent paint/ink or sheers.  Then maybe solid black letters would work too.  I'm not going to add the letters until I sew on 2 narrower panels (this panel is 60 inches in length and about 36 in width), 1 on each side.  Would you believe this piece pretty much consumed my hours in the workshop yesterday.  I sat down to meditate on it, and then wrote what I see...I love the colours which I spoke about in the previous post and the depth is top dog groovy!  I love the light/dark contrast.  The numbers I see before the letters (not the paper letters) and I have to work at it to figure out what the letters say.  My hand writing is very faint and I'm slightly disappointed that its that faint and am working on that not occurring in other panels.  My first thought was the whole piece was the focal point and the problem I have with any complex cloth is that it is very hard for me to go/grow past my first heart throb moment when I'm in love with the look and don't want to add another layer for fear of messing it up.  I don't think fear should be the reason I stop or even the rapid beating of my heart...but a piece of cloth should be complete when, when,....ummmm, well, when the piece says it is complete in conjunction with my heart saying so also.  

Ummm, looking at the photo again, I'm going to eliminate one of the letter "r"s and let one "r" be used for both words.  And I'm thinking of eliminating the "the" too.



  1. The elimination was good. It is like getting dressed to go out. You always remove one item!! I love the way those colors are working.

  2. Looking good, Karoda! I'm enjoying reading about your process here....

  3. sorry sis... cant say that im feelin' the letters at all... not now.
    it might look good depending on the colors/size and style of lettering,
    but im not able to see it at the moment. unless this piece was more for
    promotional use than artistic merit, then why the need to announce 'poetry series' when that fact seems self-explanatory once folks begin
    looking into the depths of the pieces... in the end, you're the one who's gotta be happy with it and let that be that; i'll wait and see, but if i have to cast my vote on it now, then 'no'... 'hell, no'...

  4. thank you so much for your delightful comment Karoda. Do have a go at the felting as it was done with wet felting methods not an embellisher ;))

  5. i love the layers of letters. you are inspiring me to experiment more.

  6. I like the letters and I like the idea of using a sheer black, not solid. I see you incorporating thoughts and ideas from the Benn/Morgan class and that is very inspiring to me