Saturday, October 11, 2008

KE=(1/2)mv to the second power

Beginning with the ride home last Saturday I've been trying to put into words the description and impact  of spending one week at the Crow Timber Barn with Leslie Morgan's and Claire Benn's Working with Intent has had on me and I can't find the words.  To discuss it in terms of techniques learned seems to trivialize the whole of it; to talk about it in terms of their enthusiasm and energy my words don't measure up; to discuss it in terms of how my mind and vision were stretched and latched on seems to elevate it to a spiritual experience.  Taking the workshop was like somehow being a part of their formula for kinetic energy.  So with that said I'll just share photos taken because at this point its a good beginning.  Over the course of time and my work, the experience will grow and hopefully become one I can give justice towards when speaking/writing about it.

Pinning fabric to the bench

Me at the barn2 

Breakdown Printing

Me at the barn3 

Debbie, Juanita, and Karen R. in consult


Leslie giving critic to Karen R.


Claire surveying the room


With much respect I will state that Claire and Leslie are truly among the few hardest working women I have ever encountered in any arena.  To read the perspective of other bloggers who attended check out  Juanita  and Debbie.

But no one's energy during that week would have sustained without the extraordinary healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals prepared by the heart and hands of Margaret Wolf!


The next post will be a brief documentation of my day yesterday as a phone surveyor for the Obama campaign.


  1. I am sooooo jealous, it must have been fabulous. I've told my kids that the ONLY thing I want for Christmas is the book Jane Dunnewold did with Clair and Leslie. I'll look forward to seeing how the experience influences your work.

  2. So happy for you to have this experience. I wish I had been there,too. I can't wait to see what appears in your work, now.

  3. It is one of my ambitions to take a workshop with Claire and Lesley. At least I am in the right country to do it and your blog post has deepened my resolution. They run the 'virtual studio' at the Festival of Quilts and every year it is one of the highlights of the show for me.

  4. ooooooohhhhh ! What a fabulous week this truly must have been! Good on you !
    I also will be waiting for the post on your day as a phone surveyor. Surely, I pray, you encountered enthusiasm! How could you not?!

  5. This workshop looks like it was an amazing experience! Lucky you!!

  6. I am feeling just like you about the experience, I have internalized everything I did there and it is starting to pour out of me. I also do my worst work at workshops, so I don't even want to post anything, but I want my readers to know how important this was to me. I enjoyed being in your company, Karen R

  7. The Barn is an extraordinary place. I understand your feelings about being there and what you take away. I am looking forward to seeing what you create from what you have learned. Being exposed to other peoples interpretation of what you are learning opens more doors and windows and provides creative seeds. The give and take of ideas and techniques are nurturing and provide the nourishment for creative expression.