Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friends and Family

Acey asked to see the beads I purchased in is my lot along with head shots of the fantastic women I shared the trip with.  We've kicked around art collaborative ideas for years and one of these days despite the hundreds of miles that seperate each of us, we'll pull something off and it will be first and foremost FUN as well as a unique project that reflects each of us and our shared friendship going on about ten years. 

Athens Ohio 

While in Athens I purchased af book written by Zakes Mda, a South African and a professor at Ohio University.  The title, Cion, a novel, involves a South African who relocates to Ohio, USA and travels history by way of learning about quilts.  Ron and Crystal heard him speak at the Antioch Writer's Conference and knew I would be intrigued.  After seeing the cover of the book I realized I had this book in my 45 page Amazon wish list simply because the art that adorns his books is strongly appealing.  Rudy gutierrez is the illustrator for what appears to be all of Mda's novels which I haven't started on yet.  My current fiction read is A'mercy by Toni Morrison and I'm not sure which I'll dive into next. 

We (Peter and Ade) did an impromptu drive today to Utica, Indiana along the river to go to Hidden Hill Farm and Nursery.  It was our first time there and it is a great place to hang out and chill.  It is owned by retired journalist from our local paper, Bob HIll...he was kind enough to dig up and give me flowers that have mystified me for about a year or more...they are called "naked ladies" and are in the amaryllis family.  I'm going to plant them in my mother's yard. (ssshhhh, she doesn't know it yet).  When ever I see these flowers they always get my attention and make me smile.  I'll get a photo after I plant them.  I also picked up a new mug for tea (I use smaller mugs for demands a heftier mug).  I think we'll return, there was so much to take in and absorb.

Hidden Hill Nursery and Farm


  1. I love Naked Ladies. They grow wild in Sonoma county where I used to live. I have a blog post on them from when I lived there: I love how you are enjoying life out and about.

  2. I'm a fan of the hens and chickens also. and the naked ladies just seem to appear overnight!

  3. I like the color range of the beads you brought home with you. our neighbor has naked ladies. they really are spectacular. can't help wondering what else is lingering on your mega-wishlist.

  4. I use the wishlist as a note keeper to remind myself to look them up at the library...if I pushed it, I'm sure I could narrow it down to 10 pages of the books I'd actually like to purchase :)

  5. I can't wait to see the "naked lady" plants. I'm always looking for some interesting and unusual plants for my little garden and patio out back. You lead such an interesting life full of adventure and wonder.

  6. Thank you for that compliment Carol. My gut reaction was to say "who me?" "life full of adventure????". But I do embrace making the best of where I find myself and try to live by wonder and excitement most of the time. Anger, grief, etc...well they have their place and functions but I limit the space they can occupy in my heart/head and I'm happy my blog expresses to you what my soul feels. Thanks again, it means a great deal to me.