Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saving Graces and Other Reasons to Shout!

We're going to duct tape Mrs. Helen, my mama, to a chair today! She doesn't know how not to be involved or sit still.  She use to tell me all the time as a teen, a hard head makes for a soft behind.  Me thinks she needs to follow her own advice. 

Last week when my sister and bil came to tear out the panelling and bathroom, my mother was still trying to help out.  She had already washed down the basement floor to rinse away the gunk left behind by the sewage water all by herself a few nights before.  She puts all of her children and grandchildren to shame and nor are we as healthy as she is.  God is good, eh?!


Here is my BIL who worked his tail off...and he is not a young man despite what he says ;)


Prior to all this, I spent a day at a sewing retreat with some wonderful friends and I meant to share some photos-


This is Sherita's sister who visited from nothern Indiana...one of her projects was this adorably cute dress she was making for child in her family.  And below is Rhonda, working on a pillow case with a golf theme for her husband...and below is what I worked on as well as the goodies I picked up at the 50% sale at a quilt store that is closing.




Here is the piece I have at hand that will be finished with hand stitching. 



Another saving grace has been the kindness and thoughtfulness expressed by my sisteren bloggers and friends.  In addition to the books being replaced the greater benefit is the inspiration I've received which motivates me to aspire to be a stronger, better person.  For this I'm most grateful!



  1. Your Momma reminds me of the women in my family - strong of heart and will. The hand stitching is loverly!!

  2. It warms my heart to see a family working so hard for one another. It looks like your studio will be back in order in no time. :-)

  3. True joy! Time with family and time with cloth!

  4. Well, thank God somebody seems to be making progress after their disaster. Praise God for all the help you have.

  5. I'm glad to see you haven't totally lost your focus on your art, it's nice to see wha you're working on

  6. Hi Karen, are you going to return to the Dairy Barn next spring with Benn and Morgan?  Its my plan to attend their first week if not both...they where so on target for me and what I do and want to do more of and do it better.  I'm submitting a grant proposal again to cover the expense.  Its due Sept 7th...send prayers for it to be approved!
    There is the Form Not Function deadline approaching...consider submitting for it...I would love to see your work up close and personal as its the only national art quilt exhibit held locally.

  7. Yep, Carol...My mother also applied for FEMA funds...but she was told there was a backlog and it they'll not sure when they will be out. But it still is a blessings for sure.

  8. I can concur about 90% of the time ;)

  9. Kristin, I'm given it 2 months...I'll prolly be ready for a strait jacket by then but if I can psyche myself up for a 2 month hiatus...I belive I can hold on. :)

  10. Thanks Gerrie on the stitching...not sure if it works for others outside of the community of me...its a small piece but enough to keep me going for the moment.

  11. Hopefully the small work will keep you going until you have your space back.
    I found out a couple months ago that one of my fav artists' home had burned to the ground - along with her paintings and all her art supplies. I keep waiting for some word that she is back up and working again, and I keep thinking of one painting in particular that was entirely out of my reach financially and is now gone forever.

  12. oh, Noreen, this breaks my heart to hear about...i hope her community rallied around her for support her through such a devastating loss.

  13. the small quilt is very intriguing. The words you choose to include in your pieces are always some of my faves viewed around the interwebs...

  14. wait a minute here: how can you aspire to be a stronger and better person? You already are extremely strong and waaaay better than most! And I guess you get it from your Mamma! :-)

  15. Okay, Judy, you've convinced me to seriously consider a blog for the snarky winch I keep offline who only comes out of the closet once daily but when out, tries to make up for loss time ;) (and yes, i get her from my mama)
    Seriously, thanks for the comps!