Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ironing Party and Margueritas

at my place!  I really wish it so!  Humour gets me through a lot of stuff beyond my control and just for the fun I wish I could make pitchers of Margeritas for everyone as a gesture of kindness for your offers and kinder words.  As I glance over  at the pile of fabrics that need ironing...its as least 4 Marguerita pitchers high and I couldn't very well drink 4 pitchers all by myself!

In all seriousness though, my love and appreciation to each of you.  And since I'm not alone I just wanted to update the progress...the adjustor came this morning and it went smoothly...she estimated the damage at 15,000 but the alloted limit is 1/3 of that...since we are using the DIY plan, after my parents finish with the home essentials if there is enough to cover the books I lost, I'll get them from that, if not, I will definitely let Gerrie isn't that many but they are core books to my processes.

The HVAC person was there today and cleaned out the furnace and replaced a small piece and said that my parents where lucky that the motor didn't sit low.  My sons and friends will start on removal of the paneling and the bathroom tomorrow while my mother and I pick up supplies.  Ya know, some people take atrip of a lifetime, climb mountains, go scuba-diving, or get a personal makeover...instead of sporadic posting like I had thought, I'll just treat this as one big long adventure :) 

In the comments of the previous post, Dee mentioned the UofL library flooding, not only did the UofL library flood as much of the campus did, but the Main branch of our City's library loosing all their books stored for the annual sale, their new books that come in for all the branches, and their bookmobile trucks, and the mainframe for the computer the tune of 5 million in property damage.  Libraries are such vital focal points and common ground for each and every citizen it serves...I lean heavily toward the belief that without museums (art) and libraries everyone would succumb to the uglier sides of humanity.

Again, I appreciate the kind words and offers incredibly!  Peace!


  1. i'm so glad things went step, right?

  2. Why not just fold the fabric until you need it and then iron it. If you fold it "nicely", all the wrinkles are out anyway. Just a thought! Everything will work out okay and who knows, you may actually get better books the second time around.

  3. OMG! Can I help in any way. Aside from money what are you needing?
    I am so sorry that you are having to seal with sort of thing. My hugs and prayers - are there with you Karen! M

  4. Hi Karen, I'm just getting here to read about your mishap. I wish I had seen this before I posted my water damage problem. It is by no means as devastating as your problem. Praying for you all and that things will prove to work for the good in the long run. Just remember to keep praising God in the midst of the mess. It really works.
    Love, Carol

  5. YIKES!!!! When I emailed you this morning I had NO idea what was happening in your corner of the world. I am so sorry, but you never cease to amaze me with your strength and perseverance! I'll come and iron for you.......even make you margaritas! One for me, and I'm out like a you can have the rest! LOL
    Love ya honey!

  6. Patricia, I'm trying to iron it because it takes up less room since space is limited. but most of it is still piled on the couch in my bedroom and I've ironed less than 50 pieces. The big mega-iron-athon just didn't happen.

  7. marie, hugs ands prayers are always welcomed!

  8. one step is a lesson in patience for sure!

  9. Thanks Judy, I keep coming back to read the comments and emails because the words of encourage do mean a great deal.