Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gel Transfers using ink-jet images.

The transfer technique using gel medium is too unpredictable. I transfered onto paper, cotton, and a stretched canvas.The application of gel medium leans toward a thicker application then I expected in order to get a better transfer.  In this case, for the outcome, the use of materials seems a waste.  This technique gets moved over to altered books, fabric postcards at best.

I'm now trying a similiar image with a magazine page and a toner-based imageon paper and the stretched canvas.


  1. I've never gotten the gel medium process to work, despite how easy Lesley Riley makes it look!

  2. the more i look at the results the more i know this is not a look i want in my quilts. i hope to try the digital grounds next week.

  3. I used that technique on one of my journal quilts and really didn't like how thick and 'plasticy' the fabric felt after the application of the gel. I think Gerrie has great success using CitraSol....maybe she'll jump in here and comment.
    Good to see you back at work!
    Happy Easter!

  4. have you tried the Transfer Artist Paper by Lesley Riley? I picked up a package at IQF Chicago, and have been very happy with the results - I guess I like it because it's not messy...and, it works on leather, metal, other subtrates.