Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Basting, it has to be basting. When I ask myself what is the least favorite thing about quilting...I believe it is basting.  Its important but tedious...tonight I went with 505 temporary adhesive paired with saftety pens (pins?).  Quilting the stones is my favorite pattern for the texture it creates although here on the screen it looks flat...could be due to the circles not being tight enough, thread colour too close in value to the background, or that the middle layer is commercial felt instead of batting, or all of the above.  

This working intuitively with little to no pre-visioning on the outcome is working for me of late.  It might change again sometime and I might go cerebral at some point but just flowing when I am here in The Basement is working.   The painted fabric (above photo) is one that was eliminated from consideration for the Crows.  Its my aim to have this finished by the last Friday in the month for F.A.T. (Frankfort Avenue Trolley Hop) Friday which is designated as the Derby Hop.  I'm not sure if Mellwood will do anything special but I'm expecting that they will...a tenant's meeting is coming up next week and I'll get the scoop then.  I'm feeling a little gutsy (or just crazy enough) to hold a "Grand Opening" that night which gives me three weeks to plan.  I spent yesterday, pretty much all of yesterday, trying to recall how to create and merge layers in Photoshop in order to produce one mock 4"x6" postcard...if you click on the page heading for The Beauty of Holiness you can see what consumed me in time and energy....darn near an entire day squeezed into a 4"x6 piece of paper!!!!

(sectional view) 12"x12"

Sorry, Ade, but I'm not going with Languid for a title.   Try again.



  1. I love this piece, Karen. It is very sensual.

  2. now sensual, i could work with that!

  3. Gerrie's right. Sensual is the perfect word choice for how this one vibes. I take a kind of grim satisfaction from basting but I surely don't enjoy it much at a process level. As always I admire your command of machine quilting and the judicious folding-in (does using a cooking term for quilts make this a mixed metaphor?)of handwork.

  4. Acey, out minds works similiarly...a word, phrase, triggers a train of thought in a totally different direction and you have to interject it...I have 2 close friends that can deal with in and are also similiar when in conversation face to face...I use to say, "transition" when I wanted to introduce a totally off the subject line of we've been friends for so long we just flow and assist one another to get back to the original conversation when the transitional thought leads to a totally new conversation. hehehe...