Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lesson Learned...


I started out using an embroidery needle to make these seed stitches and after a very short time my palm started to hurt and stitching was painful. I switched to a sharp and the pain subsided to the point of being gone.  The fabric is cotton painted with acrylic and the backing is a heavier canvas which is also painted.  I thought the embroidery needle would be better because it was stronger than the sharp...the sharp is thinner but goes through the layers with more ease.


  1. Needles can make such a difference. I am beading a fused quilt. The bead store owner sold me some tiny really sharp beading needles and it has been a breeze. I am only stitching through the batting. No back as yet cause I am a messy beader!! LOL

  2. Well, we live and learn. Isn't it just wonderful we have so many needles to choose from, and we are not going to be arrested by the quilt police if we use the needle for some project other than what it is intended to be used for. Smile

  3. love that piece and thanks for the heads up on needles! I think I see some crow's feet there, eh????