Saturday, April 3, 2010

I should be cooking, but you know how it goes sometimes....

DSCN1015I don't know if any of the great grands are old enough to remember great grandpa not being in his "riding chair"...they all step up and know they can get a ride and some (Miss Z) even knows how to work the controls.  My father stood 6'4" and was always as long as I've known him, been a big man pushing 300lbs or so.  My father, by observing him ONLY, introduced me to foods that I didn't even know people consumed...pig snout and beef tongue.  He loves people and food which is making his rehab at the nursing home a demanding and challenging experience for the rest of us.  Did I ever mention that I also considered being a gerontologist.  My first jobs out of college where in nursing homes for a few years as coordinators in admissions, social services, and activities. 

Seeing the above photo, I think of my paternal grandmother, Lizzie Pearl, at the time my children where small...she nicknamed them based on something about them that she found oldest son, AD, had "frog blood" because he ran like a daughter, Mo, was "miss school teacher" because she liked carrying a "pocketbook" on her arm at a very young age...she was  barely potty trained and walked around with a purse on her arm with an attitude that it was suppose to be there.  One of the things I wanted to research back in the days when I thought I'd be a budding academician, was nicknaming patterns of African Americans in the South.  It was my great-grandmother who gave me my nickname that if I told you I'd have to cut out your vocal chords. 

Mo is handling herself with grace and mature composure. The nurses tell us that Anaya has a good disposition also inspite of the pokes, prods, tubes in and out.  We were given a diagnosis yesterday of Intertistial Lung Disease...I'm not sure how this works in newborns as I know ILD is kind of an umbrella diagnosis for various issues with lung tissue...I've had it as a secondary diagnosis for about 10 years and more than likely it has been the contributing factor for the PH.  My prayer for her is for a miracle...for not another generation to suffer through any pulmonary issues...for a healing in her lungs.


She has gone a few days on 1 litre of O2 and is doing well at the reduced level. 


Peace and Resurrection of Spirit to you an yours!



  1. Peace and Easter blessings to you and your family also! I'm praying that Anaya continues to heal--

  2. A Blessed Easter to you and yours!

  3. Karen
    I am praying right along side with you.
    Also, I have a couple of those family nicknames that I will never tell. I think we have a unique way with naming in our families, LOL.
    I love the idea of documenting the ways of elders. I carry so much of what I learn in my head and heart. I wish I had taken the time to record some of the stories. I did listen, though. It is clear that we could use some of their wisdom in this world right about now.
    Happy Easter!

  4. wishing you and yours much illumination and peace in this season of resurrection ...

  5. thanks Acey...woke up feeling so much older than my years...but later will head to a friend's house for a choreographed praise dance gathering for her closest friends over 50...not sure what to expect but i'm always game with any creative venture she cook's up.

  6. Hey, I some how missed this post since I've been so busy trying to garden, build and sew at the same time. Good to see the little princes. Will try and remember her in my prayers. Love