Monday, June 21, 2010

Drum roll please...


The winner is Joyce!!!!  I'll email you shortly.

Thanks to Joyce, Karen S, Cathy, Deborah, and Lody for stopping by and participating.  And of course I appreciate all who read and leave comments here at Seamless Skin.

I'll post the next  give away about mid-week.


The humidity is unbearable!!!!!!!!!  Not much if anything will be happening in the workshop or studio.  This coming Friday is F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop.  Its my plan to be there then (still need to wash out the dyed fabrics).  Mo said she will bake me some cookies to have for the few stragglers who make their way back into the stuido space from the courtyard. 

In the workshop with Debbie (see 2 posts below) I covered a chewing gum box with paste paper and am using the box to hold my Moo cards.  I taped the box to the door jamb at The Beauty of Holiness Studio.




  1. Thanks for picking my name. I'll be haunting the mailbox. Did you take the box apart to cover it? I can't imagine how else you would have gotten the inside done so neatly.

  2. the box was taken apart, but i only did the outside. the orange was the inside of the gum box as is.