Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kicking off the great purge with a give-a-way!!!!! Come out and play!

The great purge is on!!!!!!!!  This will be my first purge of quilting books which I've been buying as regular as groceries for 6-7 years.  I've reached a point where I know what I will and will not pursue.  As much as I love pictorial quilts, the likelihood that I will ever feel compelled to create them is slim.  When I began this journey I wanted to know how to do it all and I wanted to do it all quite well!  I invested in books in a variety of artistic styles.  Since then, specifically the last 3 years, I moved toward defining my style as an art quilter.  I know that what I do with cloth when I'm at my best as an artist is a direct emotional response/release to living.  Abstract marks/stitches/shapes feels more freeing to me than trying to convey in pictorials.  Doing Crowbonics: The Scroll was the deciding piece that said to me...let what doesn't fit me, go. 

In celebration, I'm hosting a give-a-way!!! This is a great book for starters to dyeing...uncomplicated and a fun approach. And a oh so cute pair of rubber gloves (size M) that have never been used (didn't fit my hands).  Release your inner gigabytes and leave me a comment telling me how quilting helps define or impacts your identity or life.  Everyone who comments on this post will be entered for the book and gloves and a name will be drawn on Sunday. 


Look for a new tab at the top of my blog for the books that I'll be selling sometime soon.  I'll also list on Amazon.  Thanks for hanging out here at Seamless Skin ;)



  1. Exactly what I'm doing....about 20% are from my beginning quilting days and will probably end up donating those to my guild, but the purge is on in my studio with so many more I used for recent experimenting.

  2. how quilting impacts my life? its more like how does my life interfere and impact my creative quilting time! it just gets in the way, you what i mean? but i try to deal with it. luckily when i come home my time is my own and devote most of it to sewing, quilting, dyeing, and having fun with the fibers!
    thanks for the give away
    d. wolff

  3. I offered all of my traditional books (well, almost all) to a friend who is a trad quilter and she was thrilled. Walked out with a whole bag of books to share with her sister. I was happy, too! Now I should do the same with all my bits of printed fabric.

  4. Quilting has taken over my life. I barely have time for anything else. Oh well, I do squeeze in a bit of dyeing time...

  5. linda.conover@gmail.comJune 17, 2010 at 5:13 AM

    Fantastic idea! I have tons of beginner books that others would love to have to get started, and that I never read anymore. I might have a make and take party for friends and let them each pick a book to take home to explore more! Linda

  6. shelly beth grappeJune 17, 2010 at 7:56 AM

    From San Angelo, TX. Please do not enter me in the drawing. I am overbooked! :)
    I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed looking at your work1 Nicely done!
    Shelly Beth Grappe

  7. I've recently begun searching the net for all things fiber & have become totally addicted to following dying but have yet to give it a try!

  8. First time at your blog -- fascinating.
    Sandy in California

  9. Hello Karen! Followed your blog from Quilting Arts...
    I haven't done so much quilting but before the year end, I'm planning to dive into it. MIL is a prolific quilter and always encourages to start quilting. I love fibers, textiles and colors so dyeing is definitely a great thing to incorporate in my craft & art activities.

  10. Quilting and dyeing keep me sane. Sometimes I spend so much time "making color" that I forget that I'm actually supposed to do something with the fabric! I don't really need anymore dyeing books, but I love those gloves.

  11. you are encouraging me to do the same....good luck with your sales.......