Sunday, June 6, 2010

Listening and Learning...

The sheer lamination was not wide enough to become the 2nd panel in the Crowbonics series.  The three panels will be the same size; 40 inches in length and 18 inches in width.  Being that it was not wide enough, I cut this sheer in 3 sections and decided to use these pieces to further experiment with what lamination can/cannot do.  Hand stitching is a natural compliment but lamination is not forgiving at all with un-stitching!  The pinholes left behind can become a design element...I'm considering  placing copper brads, eyelets, chicago screws, or gold leaf lamination (or some combination) in the area where the pinholes remain...but machine stitching is next...ummm, but maybe not...maybe I'll insert the metal pieces and then machine stitch (carefully of course).  I'll put them up on the wall and talk with them for a day or two before I decide...similiar to George Washington Carver, I'll listen for divine instruction ;)


exhibit a

exhibit b 

exhibit c

The backgrounds remind me of the building where my studio is located.  It was a former meat processing and packing plant and the integrity of the building has been maintained...lots of exposed metal shafts, pipes, and bricks. 



  1. Sister, you've got the right idea. "Divine Instruction" works for me and it will work for you. The piece always knows what it wants to be or what it is best at being.

  2. Hi this is Alex, Dee's daughter - I think your work is so beautiful I just wanted to tell you :)