Monday, June 14, 2010

Living and learning som'more


This is paper artist Debbie Shannon demo'ing for a small group made up of LAFTA (Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Association) members on how to cover book board with paste papers.  I met Debbie a few years ago at Mary Anderson Center for the Arts while renting out studio space.  She was upstairs in the larger loft making marbled paper...just beautiful stuff!!!!  In talking, we discovered that we were both members of LAFTA.  I was still a newbie at the time.


Being a member affords the opportunity to take monthly workshops from other members for free.  They are held in the fiber studio at the University of Louisville.  Yesterday, Debbie taught Paste Paper.  I loved it! But oh, am I saying to myself "no, you cannot take on another interest!!! you'll be inundated with more stuff!!!".  I already have a hard time discarding my garbage...onion skins-I can use these for dyeing; cereal boxes-painting surface, book cover, box making; thick colourful plastic packaging-these can go into an altered quilt...and yall know what I'm talking about...repurposing and recycling can be a massive undertaking and in this heavily consumer society it is endless!!!!!!!!!!

With that said, I do have some extra supplies that I plan to play with this morning once I get to the studio...the paste must be used before it goes bad and four hours was just not enough time to explore this fun release of art making energy...thats the story that I'm running with today!

3 samples of paste paper I made.  


  1. Great story! I'd stick with it too. In another life when I was an art student and was making small edition books I tried my hand at paste paper to. Very direct and very fun! I suspect with a little consideration you could find a way to translate the sme kind of mark making to fabric...

  2. After 2 days of making paste paper, I got it out of my system :) 

  3. Getting something out of your system is always a positive. Who needs more distractions???

  4. you probably don't need another activity to buy supplies for but I'm sure it was a treat to be creative in a different medium. BTW...if you find you don't need to hang on to that last paste paper send it my way.