Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decluttering the mind, body, and spirit

My winter hours will be very irregular at The Beauty of Holiness Studio as I'm hoping to return my focus on quilt construction rather than surface design on cloth. For the winter months I'll work mainly from The Basement Workshop at my mother's which will afford me the opportunity to take naps and rest when needed.  Since the weekend I've been on a z-pack to fight the bronchitis, and although I try to avoid making major decisions when I'm not at my best, I started questioning the wisdom (once again) of maintaining the studio at Mellwood seeing as to how the next 3 or 4 months my usage will be very low. Subletting is an option.   The thought of moving all that stuff out wears me down.  If I feel the same once I'm completely recovered then I'll know for sure. Regular readers may know how I tend to overthink a decision, so just excuse me typing out loud so I'll better informed or not ;) 

I've put a notice up for the winter hours under the page tab at the top: The Beauty of Holiness.


Meanwhile here is the attempt to bring order to my art-making practices by taking a queue for Jane Dunnewold which I mentioned in the post below:

What:  Two quilts that measure 40.5" x 18" to complete the 3 quilts for the Crowbonics Series.

Fabrics:  Cottons, sheers, paper, wool batting, stabilizer, matte and metallic threads

Techniques: Writing African American spirituals, text, African symbols on cloth to convey the adaptions and change in the diaspora experience.  Paper and sheer lamination to combine images/text/symbols as an additional layer of meaning.  Screen printing, fusing, and machine quilting.

Tools:  African American Spirituals that have to do with flight. Adinkra symbols that speak to God and strength and endurance.  Symbols from Afrikan Alphabets by Mafundikwa paired with symbols that I create spontaneously.  Paper with the writing I did in Laurie Doctor's workshop and selected images photos I've taken or Ade has taken.  Screens, some used with fluid medium.  Paint, foil, if it enhances the final images.  Various markers and inks for writing on cloth.  Seashells for writing on cloth.

Theme:  I'm using Crows as symbol for African Americans and  "bonics" to denote communication.  I selected Crows for an Audubon exhibit as a way to connect James Audubon to the mother he never knew.


Also, a new page tab has been added at the top for postcards I want to sale.  This is the last of them until next summer if I make any more even then.  A few pieces of older and larger pieces are on the way also before the end of the year.


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