Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm sitting in the house,

looking at the clock, can't even, can't even tell the time.....  

thats the way the blues comes and art making going on here...i'm just coasting until it thaws out and warms up...



  1. Hang in there! (smile)

  2. Hey! Wake Up! Pick up a sketch book and start scribbling, drawing lines, circles, and or dots. Just do something. Pull out books, and magazines and look for inspiration. I know the feeling and it is sometimes hard to get going at this time and that is alright,but scribbling and drawing can sometimes bring you into a new dimension. I will whisper a prayer after this post and expect to receive a positive answer.
    Love, Carol

  3. Sending good thoughts your way- and I'll second what Carol said. I'm also hoping the weather in your neck of the woods thaws out soon!

  4. Sending warm thoughts and hugs. I have the blues, but not from the cold. Not sure what it is.

  5. It must be that time of the year or the cold weather. It certainly isn't the lack of sun. But I think I hit a wall with the piece I was working on and it no long excites me. My excuses. It is taking tooooo long. I was away from it for tooo long as I was trying to get over a nasty cough and cold.I want to get on to something else. I want to read some books. Hurry up January.
    Hugs and heres wishing you a warm day.

  6. Oh Honey, I've been there in that deep dark hole, and I hate that you are going through it, or dwelling in it, right now. Maybe a bit of colorful doodling would help? I don't know what snaps me out of it when I get in there, but I surely can empathize.
    Take care and know that this too shall pass!
    Warmest of Hugs to You!!