Thursday, July 7, 2011


Someone asked me today that I hadn't seen in a while if I was still writing and I took too long to answer until I remember yes! I've been writing a blog for seven years! I added a brief intro to my textile work into the conversation.  Do you have difficulty explaining what you do and how you do it?  Textile work is so process driven before one gets to the final creation and I still haven't found a way to describe it when in casual conversations.

I have a demo coming up this Saturday.  I was going to make silk paper but can't put my hands on my supplies which has thrown me for a loop.  Then I was thinking about doing freehand cutting and strip piecing, but now I'm thinking about bringing the slow cloth piece and showing hand quilting.  But for viewers that might be like watching molasses pouring.   How about making yo-yos?  But I'm not sure where my yo-yo makers are...I'm also deconstructing my sewing space, a.k.a. The Basement Workshop, and have slowly been breaking it down the last few weeks and fitting what can fit into the Chitlin' Circuit studio and the rest will go into storage.  Painting cloth and dyeing will be my main groove for a while longer.    Here is some of this week's results:

DSCN22553 different deconstructed screens on 1 piece of cloth

the beginning of something...see below the sophisticated tool I used 




  1. Just a suggestion ... if you can't find your yo-yo makers, just know that you can "cut" circles from cardboard to form templates for your yo-yos. Best of luck! I am sure whatever you do will be great!

  2. some great stuff here. I don't have trouble explaining but I think folks listening to me often struggle to understand.