Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stop hitting the repeat button in my mind

I can't believe it is after 1am.  I was in the studio for  3 hours today.  Three hours of bliss.  I applied a second layer to the fabrics shown...the dye colour is brazilnut....looks black, so I'm eager to see what they will look like after the wash out.   My mind bounces between thinking about what comes next for the fabrics and imagining new quilt designs for them.  I try to lay down to sleep and end up wondering about any studio time tomorrow (today) and what will come next.  If I'm not thinking about this, then I'm being consumed with the upcoming garage sale and fielding phone calls and emails about items listed for it.  Its been this way all week so far...over and over and over my mind goes on like nothing else exists...I read/watch the news and it immediately gets pushed back.  The only thing I've given some thought to besides what I've mentioned is an agreement our public hospital has entered to honor the Catholic doctrine of being against tubaligations and will no longer perform them.  The article didn't mention vasectomies, but I'm assuming they will not do them as well.  This is OUR PUBLIC hospital...the one that cannot turn you away for not having insurance.  It is associated with University of Louisville and thus has a stellar reputation for being a public hospital.  I know there is a petition that has started and I will contact the person tomorrow, but this pisses me off, to put it mildly.  I mean couple this with the debate insurance companies are having about paying for birth control and there is nothing subtle about the erosion of human rights.  

I walked into the mother's garage today for the first time in over a year and thought I'm so in over my head because the place is a mess! It is not the mess I can see that bothers me as much as the messes I don't know, the disorganized closets, attics, garages, etc.  But come what may, we're going to do this and get it done somehow, someway!  

DSCN2355overlapping writing in darker value

DSCN2356soy wax resist DSCN2357irregular scrappingDSCN2359 stamped dye paint

Not sure how the day will go tomorrow but the one thing I'm really looking forward to is picking up my first crop of veggies and fruits from the organic food co-op I joined!  Woohoo! So I'll let you know what I score!

Okay, it is now almost 2 but writing this helped me to empty my mind...thanks you for stopping by...I believe I'll sleep now. :)


  1. I LOVE your fabrics. I have only been dyeing my fabs for a season now, and although I have purchased some kits and books, I haven't ventured out into anything as spontaneous as your work. As far as the garage---take it a day at a time. Don't overdo--it will all eventually get done! As far as your view of the erosion of the right to make an informed choice based on the PERSONAL and INDIVIDUAL rights of the person---it is scary isn't it! I agree completely with your concerns. It is amazing how people feel it is okay to force their veiws on others without even knowing who they are. Whether you believe in a certain concept has nothing to do with it---it is the right of everyone to choice. Oh well---down off my soap box and back to my quilting and free expression. How a wonderful day! Stay cool!

  2. I love the work you are doing. But, I don't envy the process you are in of downsizing your Mom's stuff. You have to take one day at a time and when it is done, you will feel so relieved!!

  3. Thank you...I started out just dyeing only about 5-6 years ago and it has progressed since then. I'll probably not settle down to seriously do any sewing until the weather cools off.

  4. Thanks for the compliment and the encouragement. Once my mother is moved, everything that didn't sell will either go into storage (a little) or thrift donation (most).

  5. Karen, I love all of your fabrics and look forward to the day when I finish all of the projects I am working on so I can experiment with discharging, manipulating and painting fabrics again. Keep on doing what you're doing. I'm inspired.