Sunday, July 31, 2011


We, as in all of us generally speaking, have just too much of it! STUFF!  We, as in all of us generally speaking, are a disposable culture.  Capitalism depends on it.  But our saving, hoarding, collecting, keeping, whatever word makes you comfortable, of stuff is leftover from our days when individuals were inventive out of neccessity and some great grandfather made stuff by hand and made it to last through 10 generations and we inherited and utilized items of our dead relatives stuff.  But in this day an age, too much is too much...and how long do we keep hauling around our ancestor's stuff while accumulating our own stuff??  

All that to say this...tomorrow is moving day for my 80plus years young mother.  It has been long hard tedious road filled with stress, anger, relief, tears, and tempers...but tomorrow, August 1st is an what I hope will be true emancipation day for all of us.  Her new space is light and airy and I hope she will feel less burdened in it.  My brother managed to come and salvage his cassette tapes from the 80s and his primitive literary journals, my sister managed to salvage her graduation gown, drill team uniform with the go-go boots, and a beloved niece I hope will become firmly grounded as she matures into the new changes and using a 60 year old dresser drawers she is getting from my mother.  All the stuff that didn't get sold, salvaged, or reused, is going into storage.  and me?  well, all my sewing "stuff" is boxed, bagged, and rolled ready to go into storage tomorrow.   Although, I wish I could have come up with a better alternative, surprisingly, at the moment, I'm in a good head space.  

This morning I rose and got out of here before 8 and headed to the solitude of my wet studio.  I spent the time weeding out "stuff" to take to the next grab bag giveaway at the LAFTA meeting and throwing out "stuff".  I also, straightened and cleaned off my print table and just had to snap a pic, because it has never looked like this:


looks inviting, doesn't it?

But after leaving my mother's tonight I dropped off 2 boxes of "stuff" that came out of The Basement Workshop, so it doesn't look like this anymore.  But come Tuesday, I'm going to find places for the relocated "stuff" and get to doing something to some fabric heah!


  1. I hope the demands of all this moving is not too physically taxing for you. You will feel so free and unencumbered when it is over!!

  2. You definitely have a great attitude about all of this! I hope that today goes smoothly, that you have a chance, and take some time, to just chill AND that your Tuesday is all that you are expecting it to be!!
    Take care of yourself Karen!

  3. I feel you sister. You feel much better after you lighten your load. I did a good cleaning out and giving away some time ago, and believe it or not that did not put much of a dent in the "STUFF". Praying your moms new move will agree with her at such a young age. Love

  4. well this is a watershed moment to be sure! all involved stay in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. My. Print table looks like this about twice a year and it takes about 5min for it to go back to normal.
    As far as STUFF--I can't deal at the moment but will have to face the music one of these days and it will have to be under pressure.
    Love your fabrics in the previous post. The resist looks like soy wax--what was it? The brazil nut is beautiful.