Monday, February 25, 2013

Accountability Sunday on Monday

My caboose jumped onto another track last week.  Looking back over the goals I set for the week I managed just a sitting, completed quilting on XX, read half way through camera manual, and the next deadline for entering an exhibit is March 29th.

Some additional time was given to understanding what goes into a press package and press release and plugging along on the Kore Gallery website and my own and snapping photos.  It was a full week with Saturday being a looooooonnnnnnnnngggggggg day that started off with running late for an 8am appointment with a hair-dresser and returning home to "prep" for a gala event that night for the National Kidney Foundation. Uneena, one of the co-op members works for a team of nephrology physicians and Kore donated 2 art pieces for the silent auction and currently have a quilt I owned and donated but was created by Juanita Yeager as a fundraiser for NKF.  I have a family members that have required kidney disease and transplants and moved that Kore will make this one of their charities to support.

I really had forgotten how much effort goes into "dressing up".  It has been nearly 10 years since I purchased pantyhose and I jumped back out with a pair of Sphanx...WTH? I thought the Women's Liberation Movement addressed the thing about oppressive clothing decades ago?!!!!  And I had to reach in the very back of the closet for "dressy" clothing and dust it off.  I'm glad I still had something to choose from but I did have to replenish my make-up which I had thrown most of it out years ago right after I stopped working.  I haven't been much of a shopper since the 80s and with each passing year I've become even less and less of having the stamina and patience for it.  Being inside the mall for me is like being at a carnival with the carousel music too loud and tent mc's barking and dangerous animal sounds and nauseating sugary smells and too close for comfort tactile experiences.  I took my 83 year old Mama along for comfort and stability who reveled me with stories of shopping enjoyment of her days gone by.

In between the hair appointment and gala, I had a co-op meeting and stayed in the gallery.  Being out and about is always interesting and fun but I'm just barely able to think clear today.  I'm working on using Epson StoryTeller a program that game with my printer some years ago.  I'm using it to tell a visual story of my art work.  Its an mental exercise that is a way of sliding some oil to the brain so I can ease on down, ease on down, ease on down the road this week. (I love the Wiz!)

So I'm just going to re-run the goals I didn't attend to last week with the added goal of getting the press release together for Kore Gallery and any other Mellwood artists who are interested in showing off for the Derby Trolley Hop.


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