Sunday, February 10, 2013

Accountability Sunday

Here we go...I'll start with the goals I set last Sunday for this past week.

I did baste the XX quilt and started quilting it with 1/3 of the quilting lines a little dance!
Mid-Wife quilt is so near completion...binding 1/4 sewn which leaves 3/4 left and the sleeve...make a little love.
Things not set but significant were Kore Gallery coverage and brainstorming session with other Mellwood Tenants...get down tonight (am I dating myself with KC and the Sunshine Band here? oh, well, its still good).

I did not do the exhibit paper work (ugh, this is going on 3 weeks.  (I need a admin assistance!) nor did I start Hansen's book or the Zentangle exercises.  

I was in the studio 18.50 hours and worked here at home for 5.50 hours.  What my tracking does not include is reading for information which is kinda like a prelude to the "doing", which is more important.  I'm hoping that by warmer weather I'm in a such a routine of staying accountable that the fun of printing and dyeing fabric will not induce guilt because that is definitely going to happen.  Breakdown printing, marbling, and lamination are techniques that I've missed doing.  I'm still on the fence about fabric encaustic...what I'm considering is renting studio time at Mt. Saint Francis for a day or 2 to try it out.  My current space is filled to the brim and with more open space it might be easier to explore.

Goals for the coming week: updated 2/14/2013
  • Put together a media list and make 15 contacts via email/phone (between M-W) started but not completed
  • COMPLETE PAPER WORK FOR EXHIBIT! (typing in caps does constitute yelling at myself)   completed 2/13/2013!
  • complete quilting on XX
  • Complete 2 chapters in Hansen's book and 3 zentangles (1 for Nysha) (between M-W)  before Saturday night
  • Select and cut fabric for The Lynching Project (LaShawnda Crowe Storm)
  • Sleeve/binding on M-W  (then stand back and admire) binding complete
  • download The Bluest Eye from the library (yes, this is quilt related)
  • cover 3 hours at Kore Gallery---sketch or sew while there
whew! makes me a little nervous looking at them....better print them and post them here on my desk, on my fridge, in my car, and at the studio.


Untitled, 2010(c) sold


  1. I know how important setting goals is, but sometimes I am overwhelmed by the goals I have set for myself. I feel like I can never get it all done. I have my own little sweatshop going on at my house, but I feel like I'm just "spinning my wheels." Hmmmm, maybe that's an idea for a quilt.

    1. I so understand being overwhelmed! Doing this weekly accountability helps me address what is actually occurring rather than focusing on how I feel when looking at the big picture.

  2. Congratulations on the sold piece. It is a rather interesting piece. Hope you keep on making goals and follow through. I'm in another place right now, but I couldn't tell you where because I don't know where. I love it when others are so focused. That lets me know there is hope for me, eventually. :)

    1. Carol, just relax into yourself where ever that place may be and you'll name it...your encouragement and belief are always very much appreciated.

  3. I've come back to this a couple of times. One of my favorites

    1. Ahhh, nice to know you're dropping into my world of blogging...thanks!