Sunday, February 17, 2013

Accountability Sunday

Okay, before I get into the week...let me share this story my daughter shared with me about my grandchildren.  I watch them during the week until 3pm at which time I leave, if I'm going, to the studio.  Previously, the studio is a place they come to visit from time to time also.  Now when they pretend play along with all their stuffed animal friends...they play "being at the studio at Mellwood".  Sometime Anaya will read her books, Carter will colour or diagnose and fix an ill stuffed animal friend and ask for Anaya's opinion all while at "their pretend studio".  Can I just say it makes me all gooey and drippy with love on the inside! 

Sopping up the oozing Nana love, I'll get to how my week has been...

I forgot to add up my hours yesterday but I was there 4 days this week. 

The paperwork was mailed off!!!!!!!!!

XX quilt is 1/2 way quilted.

Mid-wife is finished (but I want to add about 5-8 more babies)

Going Home (GH) quilt, which my sistah-friend Penny said reminded her of a totem of spirits, humans and animals, now has prarie points sewn on and bottom section and was re-squared.  I did decide that it would receive a border of some kind that emphasizes the geometric shapes (triangles and whatever that is called when a rectangle is wider at one end).  I wanted what is the doorway to me to be more surrounded structurally.

(incoming: while typing this, Anaya just gave me a shot with a crayon...told me "it will not hurt you but will make you feel better" and after the shot, she rubbed the spot and said "now, all better" and ran out of the room)

And I did cover Saturday hours at the gallery and right before I got there, someone purchased one of my small pieces!  I was going to send it to Kweli Kitwana who opened Art Shack, Baby! in Harper's Ferry, WV to place in her shop.  Unfortunately, the couple who purchased had left before I got there.
Don't you wonder where people are going to hang your work and what about it appeals to them?

My studio mate Aimee informed me that she will be closing shop at the end of March.  I hate to see her go but I definitely understand since she hasn't been there much with her attentions given to a handsome newborn son which is her first child.  But what really took the wind from her I believe was receiving a letter from a firm supposedly representing Fiestaware.  Her favorite items to paint are toys, broken toys and vintage items.  She had a painting called "Fiesta" of a cup of coffee on a saucer and a spoon.  It was a big stretch in my opinion! if anyone would like to see it, I'll send a picture of it via email since I am now the owner of it.  She is having a 40% off listed prices at her Etsy Shop.  I'm going to miss seeing her paintings so I did get 2 pieces...the piece in question above (which I thought was a very weak case) and a piece showing scissors, thread, and a vintage cow sugar bow...or maybe it is a creamer.  If anyone would like to see The Cup of Coffee on a Saucer in Dishes that Shall Not Be Named, I'll send a picture of it via email since I am now the owner of it.

I'm between and betwixted if I should find another studio mate or move my items from the storage unit OR just move my studio altogether!   Uneena and I went to The Cavern's first 3rd Saturday Open Studios last night.  The Cavern was started by 4 artists who use to be at Mellwood.  They are expanding and jurying in other artists.  I'll just cut to the chase and say one of the spaces is PERFECT!!!!  Two walls of kitchen counters/cabinets, good indoor light, and a steel double sink with a catch area will be installed!  and I could bring all my quilting supplies out of storage!!!!!!  Especially my 2nd folding table...without it squaring up work has been difficult! 

But with every perfect thing comes some concerns.  There are two artists who work in wood.  Industrial ventilation has been installed and a wall could be built to close me off more but the dust with wood can be overwhelming and for health and fabric reasons it is of concern.  The other concern would be leaving my "art family" at Mellwood.  There is a core group that has formed naturally and we do support and encourage one another and get along very well.  My life is pretty limited to family and studio time and although sometimes I feel the weight of being so restricted with getting out and about more, I also know that I'm richly blessed with having an outlet of self expression as an artist.

Cavern's location is very close to the University of Louisville and I'm digging close access to the art library.  I will not leave Mellwood until after the April Trolley Hop since I'm committed to giving it what I got to make it the best April hop in order to make it an attractive place for Derby visitors to the city to come to!  But with all that said...what a wonderful dilemna to have, eh!

(incoming:  Anaya returned to paint my nails with a green crayon and I even got a cuticle massage).

Next week's goals:
  • Complete 2 chapters in Hansen's book and 3 zentangles (1 for Nysha) (between M-W)
  • Select, cut fabric, and make block for The Lynching Project (LaShawnda Crowe Storm)
  • cover 3 hours at Kore Gallery---sketch or sew or read while there
  • Quilt to at least 3/4s on XX
  • Give at least 2 hours to reading camera manual and snapping photos
  • Order filters for camera.
  • check preparations and deadline for next exhibit submission.

Thank you for stopping by the Chitlin' Circuit blog and reading my updates...


  1. That's big decision to have to make my dear. The studio seems to be a big part of your soul - so I hope that you will find a simpatico artist to share the space with you.
    May you be filled with grace..m

    1. Today, I'm leaning toward not replacing a mate...I lucked up last time with someone very compatible but the angst of finding someone dependable and drama free I don't think I want to go the benefit of bring more stuff from storage and moving what remains into a smaller storage unit is appealing. Will not help the finances but I do know how to tighten up...I'd rather do that in peace than the alternatives.