Monday, May 13, 2013

High Steppin'

The last group of marbled fabrics are in the washing machine and today was devoted to cleaning up the marbling table and preparing to make it a dye table.  Dye concentrates were mixed and before I left today I sat out 2 quarts of print paste so when I return tomorrow I can roll right into it.  I did forget to wash my screens so I'll wait until next week to use them and will primarily stamp and make direct hand marks with the dyes.  I might even put my foot in it (African American colloquialism which translates to doing one's best, topping it off with one's best, taking the extra step, etc)

Mo will have 2 surgeries on her knee Wednesday...she inherited my father's knees, poor thing.  I don't think she has given thought to having/needing to give up her stiletto stomps...or at least the wisdom of doing Mama always said you can wear cheap clothes but you can 't wear cheap shoes.  There is no substitute for a good shoe that supports your entire body and not just look good on you while you're standing still.  But mind you, when I was 23, I too loved my heels but I equally loved my earth shoes and Bass sandals.  At 52 I've totally given up the heels...yet, there is nothing like a solid, new and well worn earth shoe or "earthy" type shoe.  At 18 I was guilty of walking across campus in my my pointy toe stilettos but the more I studied feminism, the more self assured I became in walking (pun intended) away from anything designed to exploit my body in the name of pain.  Mo tries to convince me that today's mile high shoes do not hurt the feet when walking....yeah, if its to the mail box and back.
studio shoes

For the next few weeks, I'm going to suspend the weekly accountability and just "flow" with it.  We'll be pitching in to help Mo and the grand babies anyway we can after her surgery.  My time in the studio will be catch where catch can.


  1. I will be praying for successful surgery results for Mo.

  2. ...and hope the mail box isn't to far away. Tell Moriah I've got her back in prayers!

  3. "Put my foot in it" was my late Mother-in-law's famous last words. Be it a beautiful dress she made or her famous crab casserole. Mo is not the only one who will learn what's best to wear as we all soon do. She'll bounce back and put some of those same shoes on again.

    1. She probably will Carol...drip by drip we gain wisdom.