Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art therapy...

Slinging dye-paint around today felt so good!  Colour therapy at it's finest!  My only intent was to use up the last of the thickened dye.  I laid a piece of  wet soda-ash soaked cloth down and went at it until the cloth was pretty saturated then  I covered that piece with plastic and laid another piece of wet soda-ash soaked cloth down over the first one and slung dye-paint again. I did this 5 times and will leave them to batch at least til Saturday. 

When I got to the last of the dye-paint, the very last of it...I took a notion and brushed it on thick water colour paper.

Do you think I should roll it in newsprint and steam it? then give it a good rinse and hang to dry? The paper didn't receive any soda-ash but there is some residue of it in the dyes.  I left the paper hanging from the clothes pins like you see here.

I still have some more dye concentrate to use up and I think I'll just do low-water immersion and then get back to sewing for the month of June.

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