Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Joy doesn't mean being happy all the time, it means being at your center, balance..." Reiki Rick

This week has overflowed with a strong sense of started with some distress that by Friday peaked with a deep wow-ness and laughter!  All involving some aspect of my art practice...meeting Reiki Rick Thursday morning must have transferred some good vibration energies that just showed up and showed out with Lisa, my cousin visiting from KS, hanging with me all day at the studio dyeing fabric and sewing on her quilt top and my very good sister friend, Mary J coming to the gallery during Trolley Hop.  By the end of the day, 2 of my pieces were sold!!!!  There is a delightful story behind how the 2nd piece came to be in the hands of it's new owner that will stay with me til the day I die!!!  I'm not going to tell it here because I'm not a strong enough writer to transmit it without the serendipity and absurdity of the experience from getting lost.

The week came to a gentle close with running into Barbara, another artist at the art center that I hadn't seen in months.  We spent a spell getting caught up and touching base.

So, if you've dropped in here, I wish you your own joy~



  1. Thank you!! I understand this joy!

  2. I am so delighted that things are going well with you in the studio. Been visiting but not having time to leave a message. I pray that the joy keeps on being with you and you don't loose your artistic mojo. xoxo

    1. Hi Carol, thanks! You're probably asleep but me and my mojo are already in the studio just chillin' at the moment.