Friday, June 21, 2013

Mindless, seeking low stress and rest kinda day.

I've been enjoying getting into the studio by 7:00 am for the last couple of weeks, but as of this morning I declared it old news.  My body and bed was saying "no, don't go" but I had agreed to cover a couple of hours this morning in the gallery, so off I went and Peter dropped me off.  Most mornings there is a boot camp group outside exercising and doing what they do in the name of fitness...this morning I had to roll my eyes and shake my head to look at them so damn early in the morning when all I wanted was a bed and firm pillow.  I did plop down in my comfy chair (not as dreamy as my old comfy chair from the basement studio days) first thing and slept a bit. 

Coffee was second on the agenda after waking and since the coffee pot (thanks Uneena) is inside the gallery, I opened a little early and spent my time doing somewhat low-stress hand work.  Here is a lotus flower that I drew using water-soluble dense charcoal.  I'm thinking about quilting or embroidering this motif down the center panel of the "doorway quilt".

The other thing I did was cut up a previously finished quilt that just wasn't working into 3 smaller sizes (about 5"x5") and began beading on them...solely an exercise in composition and colour.  I made the quilt when I was exploring mono-colour.  Although the quilt didn't work for me any longer, I couldn't waste the beautiful texture.

After a pat on the back for meeting an exhibition deadline yesterday for a local juried show and putting the paper quilts (I've made 6 or 7) on hold, I'm not sure what's next from the Chitlin' Circuit Studio, but next week has RESTING written all over it!  

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  1. don't you love repurposing cut up quilt squares? hope you get the rest you need... so often, it's hard to give ourselves permission.