Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Passion, Enthusiasm, Coffee & Pie.

I'm sitting here this morning reading blogs on enthusiasm, drinking coffee from a Kimberly Moore design mug, and having a slice of derby-like pie for breakfast.

Thinking over what I'm enthused about as a 52 year old African American woman...and one of the things that makes me lose my sense of self in a good way, in a way that goes straight to "Spirit" is talking about the whats, whys, wherefores, hows of creating my art, your art, their art, our art, standing face to face, eyeball to eyeball with another person or group of people.  Another thing that jazzes me is to sit in wild long brainstorm sessions being creative. (This coffee is soooo good this morning) in a small group.  These are times when my spirit just lets loose and I can feel it instantly and it makes me feel immortal and free.  (does that sound dramatic?   but it is true and I love the feeling!).

I'm passionate about writing here, although my enthusiasm rises and falls.  Sometimes, I think I'll return to writing poetry...I've never left sitting on the edge looking at the poetic pens of others, but I can't figure out, no, maybe that isn't quite correct,...I'm a little unsettled by how absorbed I'd become with my passions and knowing how long my mind, spirit, body takes to travel from one to another and can't imagine a routine that wouldn't shut out family and friends and make me a true recluse or at best an introvert.  Let me explain further...when I'm at my studio, the idea of having a large warehouse live/art space is validated...when I'm looking at genealogy resources, it is an absorbing interest that one looses track of time (but can be made to be social able when doing oral interviews), writing poetry-a day can get lost drafting a line or stanza, etc., down time is spent reading books related to the aforementioned...and then one manages to squeeze in the physically sustaining needs and before I know it, I would be a happy recluse...although as a recluse I could skim on the physically sustaining needs, eh? Oh, and you know how time absorbing it is to learn some new software or technological hype (trying to figure out the rhythms of Google+). 

And in closing, I'll just share a small thing I'm really passionate about...comfortable shoes, shoes that love your feet...and my go to recommendation for the last 10 years or so has been Ecco shoes.

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