Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kathy Loomis and Her Alphabets!

Loomis_1 This is the postcard that was mailed for her solo quilt exhibit and this quilt happens to be one of my favorites using a technique that includes sewing lines of selvage scraps...very thin scraps.  She had 3 done in this fashion. One for the letter I and one for J which can been seen here.  She gave a very interesting gallery talk yesterday that I and my daughter attended.  Her love for letters came from being raised in a household that was in love and serious about typography as it was her father's profession.  She covered how she progressed from using type by other designers to creating her own type...the various methods she used.  Another quilt that I fell in love with was the letter Z, entitled Remembering Zorro...she had dyed a heavy canvas and cut the Zorro Z in it and it was all ravelly looking as if it had been made with a burning sword.  It gave me the inspiration to go ahead and buy an attachment for my sewing machine that I had been putting off, so after we left there I picked up the circular sewing attachment.  I left there thinking time's a'wastin' and I need to get with it! Thanks Kathy for such a wonderful afternoon!!!!!

If you live anywhere in the viccinity (2 hour drive at least) of New Albany, Indiana located across the river from Louisville, KY, it is worth the trek to view the exhibit of 26 quilts!


  1. And don't forget to go to the opening of Form Not Function at the Carnegie in New Albany on January 13th. Wish I could be there!

  2. How long is it there? I would love to make that trek. I love what I see here. Thanks, for the heads up.