Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wasabi Peas and a beer.

My friend Dee introduced me to the wasabi peas this past summer and I bumped into them at the grocer recently and 2 small cans came home with me.  I'm crunching on the peas and sipping a beer (a very rare treat for me) and reading some blogs and I'm curious now if other blog readers do this: when leaving comments on blogs with word verification, do you attempt to pronunciate the mix of letters?  I've noticed its an entertaining little activity I do when leaving comments with this feature.

I will post my Color and Composition exercises tomorrow. Peace.


  1. I had the same thought! There are some pretty funny words. Sometimes I can't type them in correctly because they are so wonky and I can't tell what letters I am looking at.
    The wasabi peas and beer sounds good!

  2. uh - no. But I figure these combinations must be picked by computer.
    I LOVE wasabi anything!

  3. I totally do that! It cracks me up too.

  4. Hey Karoda!
    Fresh edamame is good, too...with salt, of course.
    80% of the time I miss-type those darn verification words
    and have to start over with a new word

  5. I do that with the word verification thing too. Some of them are really funny!
    Even though I use that feature on my blog - and it's worth the aggravation to me because I no longer have to delete a load of spam comments every day! - I'm so bad for transposing numbers and letters when I type that, like Mary, I often "miss" on my first try and have to retype a whole new set!

  6. Yeah... I make up words or anagrams as I'm typing those darned things... I even commented on someone's blog that the word verification seemed to relate (somehow) to the post... They were totally cornfuzed.

  7. YES! I DO try to pronounce them and have a list of my favorites! I was going to do a whole post about that, LOL!
    And my husband and I LOVE the roasted green peas! Yummy!

  8. ABSOLUTELY!!!! :} Some of them even almost make sense, some tie in with the entry! Wierd computer fun:}!