Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March's No Name Journal Quilt

Dscn1346_copy This was disappointing.  I started with a 8.5"x11" printer fabric of an altered image in Photoshop of what looked like a psychedelic trip of a jar of jelly beans...I was going to bead it as a whole piece but didn't want to take the time to bead so I decided to isolate the jelly beans and play again with pre-programmed stitches...short story shorter, I hate it but in the sake of full disclosure and cooperation, here it is:

Dscn1349 I'm not even bothering to name it. I'm ready to move on and have March be over with.  The events of the past few weeks I've had a fight with the new health insurance company, my daugther has injured her knee, we began purging the household stuff in preps to move, I've had the grandson a couple of times, and shopped more than I'm accustomed to.  The last week I've kept trying to do but my body is saying "don't" and that is when March's journal quilt lost its purpose.  I'm not even going to place a binding on it. I'm going to give it one more month before I decide if the journal quilt project is something I want to continue with.

Next week Mo and Ade are on spring break and we have planned to take some day trips.  It will all depend on how Mo is feeling with her knee, but I'm wanting a change of scenery desperately.


  1. You could name it "The March from Hell" or something similar since that is how it felt to you. I see some really interesting things happening in the photo squares. It is like a jar of jelly bellies with some great rhythm and movement and exciting colors. I like that you divided the photo into the segments. I'll bet later, when you feel more like it you can figure out how to do something with it that satisfies you. Or not, depending on how you feel about it. You get bonus points for finishing the project under the circumstances. You're bound to have learned something from it.

  2. Your negative comments affected my perception of the quilt. Just knowing you don't like it has made me look at it suspiciously. It is very vibrant, has depth and interesting fabric. Maybe just satin-stitch the edge? Put it away and take it out next month, maybe you'll feel different about it.

  3. I really like the fabric in the squares, and I'm sorry that the little quilt had become a symbol for stress and disappointment. Hope your month ends on a happier note and that April brings resilience.

  4. I love the printed fabric and how you have placed the pieces to emphasize the circular motion. I think you needed to continue that with the quilting - making swirls of quilting lines that go through the squares and in nice golds and greens to connect it all.
    Did you ask my opinion? Well, you got it anyway!!

  5. It looks very festive to me. I like all the movement and the bright colors.

  6. I think it deserves a name. It looks a bit like a 'Spin Out' to me. Like maybe you felt like life was spinning a bit out of control? Did you see my Guardian Angel? I wasn't all that happy about March either, but I think it was the cercumstance of the time. Life will change, & hopfully for the better.
    In answer to your question of my machine, I sew on a regular shortarm old Bernina 1260. I hope to get a Nolting 18" long arm someday, but for now the 1260 is my favorite.