Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Scrabble Blues

Dscn1316 Can't say I wasn't cautioned about speaking too loudly of my superior Scrabble skills...(inside the confessional booth)...but I've had a terrible loosing streak and I need forgiveness for not being a more humble ruler.  This dawned on me when I finally uttered aloud that Mud Man is the new Scrabble King.  Femi (a Scrabble peasant) thinks that all the Literati playing has thrown off my Scrabble mind set.  I'm so torned about what to do...Scrabble, Literati, Scrabble, Literati...but I've been getting my butt kicked at Literati too as Mary knows from personal experience.  I'm distraught and wrought with grief...I'll just have to find someway to play them both.  I recently purchased the Scrabble Travel board and will be meeting Mud Man to play at coffee shops from time to time.  Maybe I'll get a harmonica and play the Scrabble blues at open mic.


  1. Karoda,
    I got my butt kicked 3 times in a row last night, and also found that it affected my mood. Not good.
    Ya win some, Ya lose some. Playing scrabble with Mud Man at coffee shops sounds like fun to me!!

  2. I have the travel Scrabble and love it. Especially for long over the ocean plane trips!

  3. Literati is like that - I went 8 games in a row winning and then was beaten by someone who, I swear, found a way to cheat. With 3 tiles they formed two words (now blanked by anger from my memory) that were NOT words according to, and yet Literati allowed them and some 40 points for the game. Still aggravated but still playing.

  4. Maybe the planets really are in some weird allignment causing the whole world to go a bit off kilter.
    Thanks for your note. I didn't purge with a good cry, I made my journal page instead.

  5. Ooh, Karoda, I love Scrabble, but no one wants to play with me because I'm a competitive FREAK! My sister was a great match for me and we played a lot when she visited. I also like to play with my Auntie Carolyn. I'm going to have to look into "Literati." Never heard of it! Sounds like fun, but will I get anyone to play with me? :-)

  6. 'mud man'April 3, 2006 at 5:08 PM

    dear mary:
    3 butt kickins in a row???
    that's not a butt kickin... that's barely gettin warm'd up...
    (and thanks for the pic, sis... no... not the scrabble one... i jus copied the statuette in the corner! you'll always have good taste to fall back on... )