Friday, March 10, 2006

Yesterday was Fantabulous!

After waking up late for a buck-a-fat quarter sale, a non-quilting friend and I made it to the quilt shop about 10:30 and dammit the batiks where already gone and I was told they wouldn't cut anymore of them for the sale! But I managed to get about 30 fat quarters which are drying now (anyone want to come and iron them for me?).  I also picked up Jan Krentz's Diamond Quilts & Beyond as it was on my wish list.  Marilyn was really taken aback by the crowd at the quilt shop.

We left there and went over to the Carnegie to see Form, Not Function. Marilyn loved  Danny's Turtles (by Diane Bielak) and Tommy Fitzsimmons quilt, Pickets #13 . We then had lunch at Buckhead's where she tried Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time and loved them.  Then I whisked her off to E & S Gallery to see Valeri White's Quilts.  Highly original and vibrant!!!!!!! Valerie can be seen here and she also has a self-portrait in the Spring issue of Quilting Arts.  While at E & S, I discovered another textile quilter, Phyllis Stevens. None of the works shown on the site where in the gallery, but 2 others of women.  She uses tapestry and upholstery fabrics and they are fairly large and framed under glass.  I don't like quilts behind glass...framed yes but the nature of glass doesn't compliment the quilts I've seen covered by it.  But nevertheless, her use of diverse fabrics and rich colours made her quilts highly dramatic and stunning.

Our next stop was to show her the gallery and studio of Mary Craik then to Border's to pick up Quilting Arts.  Days like yesterday are so precious to me and worth the fatigue at the end of the day! Thanks Marilyn. 


  1. I guess it WAS a fabulous day! The links were also pretty great, but I would have loved to see all of Valerie White's quilts in person and more clearly. Love the peacable kingdom lion!!!

  2. Love those ladies' quilts. Mary Craik's "100 Yards of Red Tape" definitely spoke to said "Medicare Part D".
    Glad you had such a good day and thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Ge whiz! What a day you had. I would have loved to tag along on that day.

  4. I was at the quilt shop when the door opened. Many ladies were there also. I got my share of 50 FQ for a buck each. Had more fun when I got home and looked them over again. The FQ are just waiting for me to cut into them. Get up early next time. They open at 9:30 am.