Monday, March 20, 2006

Make an Offer

This quilt belongs to Cari, the good friend who is reinventing her space from scratch which I wrote about previously.  She has the quilt for sale.  My intention was to post this 2 weeks ago as a favor to help her move this but, well, the short version that explains my distraction I'll sum up with these words: soft spoken woman did not blow up health insurance headquarters to save the universe.  I live by my motto that you just can't keep a good woman down and all that jazz! So life is fine but the armor gets heavy sometimes.

Anyways, this is my friend's quilt that she has for sale. It was  made by a quilter named Elizabeth Quebbeman:

Dscn1294 The colours are true. It is loosely quilted. Dscn1296

Dscn1297If you want to inquire further email me at karoda2743 at aol dot com and I'll give you Cari's email.

And take a peek at Carol's tea menus! Personally, this is among the freshest and creative ideas that I've seen.


  1. I'm just wondering what my husband would think about this quilt hanging over our bed? Inspiration perhaps? (we ARE getting old and forgetful)
    Or maybe in my studio!!! Or YOUR'S!!!!!
    Email me if it's not selling, K?