Saturday, November 15, 2008


Talk about getting "mean and surly"?!!!  In my head my workshop is a laboratory and I'm an unwaivering crazy scientist going at it non-stop trying to keep up with the ideas popping off in my brain.  So even in spite of the physical need to rest, I get "mean and surly" (remember that movie with Whoopi, LL Cool J, Jada Pinkett Smith where Whoopi was going to have those words on her husband's tombstone?)  when I'm unable to be there. 

Finally, I returned on Thursday but piddled to reacclimate myself back to a flow.  Friday, my intent was to arrive afternoon and work late, pulling close to an all-nighter.  I couldn't go past the 5 hours I typically put in and decided to come home.  I hit the bed and slept hard but this morning woke with this piece on my mind:  DSCN3723 (you can always click on the picture to enlarge)  The black colour didn't wash out to the paleness I expected.  What I did differently was to use Afterfix instead of soda ash...the dye paint mixture was mostly thickener with what I thought was a low percentage of dye.  I don't like this...I have 4 ideas to improve it (more cohesive in appearance) as I so much love the piece overall. 

1. discharge the black letters (which are outlined in a black resist used in silk painting)

2. randomly place more letters, (and/or) smaller in size.

3. flip it over and dye paint the back side in an orange, green, or gray.  the section I love the most is the warmer hues versus the cooler ones at the top but I do want to keep some constrast between warm and cool.

4.  cut it up into 2 or 3 sections with 1 cut going down the middle of the bold letters and put them in one piece.  my original intent was to keep this panel as a whole cloth.  cutting it up could make for much more visual interest.

I don't think I'm going to touch it until after I finish with the calligraphy workshop which will generate new ideas. 

Oh, and for those who might be interested.  Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez did an exlusive interview with William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  This is a transcript or you can listen to the audio or video as well:  Democracy Now .  Part 2 will air Monday and can be heard/read online later in the afternoon.  Ayers book on his Weathermen Underground experience is being re-issued this week.  I guest he can thank Sarah Palin for that because prior to her repeating his name over and over in an attempt to disgrace our President Elect, Ayers wasn't even remotely near my radar.


  1. Thanks for the link to the Ayers interview. I heard the Cuomo ABC news interview yesterday and I thought Cuomo sounded like he worked on Fox!! Since I am ancient, I have strong memories of those days. I was a protester too, but not militant.
    I look forward to seeing what you do with the black letters. I am not going to give you my opinion!! I am happy that you are at work again.

  2. Well, if Gerrie won't give you her opinion, I WILL!! LOL I like it just the way it is!! I wouldn't change a thing, and I certainly wouldn't cut it up....maybe in two down the middle, if you just must, but otherwise I think it is smashing just the way it is!! I am so glad that you are waiting until you finish your calligraphy class to revisit this piece!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your very positive comments on my rollercoaster ride! You put it all in perspective when you said that at least I wasn't depending on the sale to buy necessities of life. And you are right: she does love my stuff and had no idea until last weekend that I did this type of art stuff! She asked where she could see more of my work, so I may receive more business from her in the future since I was nice and polite with her on the phone! Thank you for helping me to see the flip side/s!!
    Love Ya Darling!!

  3. Oh, good grief, Karoda - don't mess with it!! At least, not yet. If you don't know what to do with it- wait until it tells you. Right now, it is saying "I'm perfect - leave me alone."
    I know what you feel about sad and grouchy - I feel the same way when I am not in my studio. I am working at home today (hardly ideal) but I slept late and feel very lazy, so that's that.
    Monday and Wed don't look promising, either. Last week was a record: I was in the st

  4. I love it! I'd be very careful about messing with it. I agree with Rayna!

  5. I like it now but........ cutting it up would be so cool to use in a collage. BTW, collages are all I seem to be thinking about these days so don't mind me. What to do with it will eventually come to you I'm sure.