Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where is the bail-out for non-profit community programs including ART!?!

I'll just let the title of this post hang in the air and we can all stew over the answers until,, until, until....until....well, lets not hold our breath, okay.

Ron's Solo Show 2008

  Here is a collage of photos I took Friday at Ron's show.  He had a few new pieces and my favorite he still has...If after the first of the year its still available, we are gonna have to talk lay-a-way!  He has a new series called the The 45 Series inspired by records, the 45 size.  Now, if you're younger than a certain age, there might be some pauses while you've figured out what records are and then what are 45s.  And he uses vintage cloth as a backdrop for them!!!!  Ummmm, it hit me immediately, I'm just waiting for him to catch up because a collaboration of some kind is in our future.  He also had napbooks for sale for a couple of bucks...napbooks are one page of his poems.  One of them cracked me read "..." well let me show ya, but give me a second to scan it--- 

this is the front-

Img013  flip it over and its one of his poems-


For all the USAians, I'm wishing a week ahead of gratitude, peace, and laughter for those who have traditional and non-traditional Thanksgivings.  Ummm, rethinking that...I wish everyone world over the same, holiday or not. 


  1. What an interesting question, indeed!

  2. Yes, one would think that we need the non-profit programs before the big 3 auto makers need a share of the proverbial pie.
    Happy Thanksgiving. I'm glad that you are in blogland!

  3. That napbook is hysterical! AND a GREAT idea. I may steal the concept for my next show. Tell Ron congratulations. He has been having a string of successes lately. I think a collaborative exhibit would be stunning!
    What do you mean "where's the bail out for non-profit community programs...." ? They've never had any money. Why would they need some now? hehehe Ridiculous isn't it? Money talks alright - it just always tells the same story.

  4. What great color in the collage you shared of Ron's work! I'm lovin' it!
    Happy TG back at ya my dear!

  5. Yesterday, Ballet BC shut down, laying off all it's dancers and support employees.

  6. I feel so proud of Ron! And the flier with the poem on the back is really cute, too!
    Happy Thanksgiving!