Thursday, November 6, 2008

a short bio


  the above had me chanting "trust the process".  this should wash out to a transparent gray.


  tombstones added...something else has to happen to make it more coherent...not sure if it will be a panel or be cut up.


  the start of something new


A few days before the election this is what I was doing.  I been going fast (for me) and furious since returning from the Crow Barn. 

Last Sunday I attended a performance and exhibit-Dear Felicia: A Soldier's Manual for Birds and Angels, a collaboration between poet-scholar Estella Majozo and painter Joan Zehnder.  Ten minutes into the performance tears started strolling down my face and held a steady stream through most of the 60 minute performance.  The writing was a series of letters to a female soldier while examining the poet's reconcilliation on her son's decision to join the military.  I don't know why I responded with tears...maybe because I know her son and remember when he was born, maybe because Estella is a close spiritual friend...maybe it took me someplace with the battles for my own children.  I remember how personally traumatized I was when this war first started as well as other acts by the Bushit administration.  Since then I've tempered my politics and opted instead to reach inside and pull out the artist in me as a way to stay sane. 

Monday I felt a little fatigued but opted to go out for breakfast and then down to my workshop.  Tuesday came the scratchy throat, body aches and arriving with my 17 y.o son to the polls at 5:45 with a 45 minute wait in the early morning chill .  Couple this with the excitement of watching the results and numerous telephone calls and it all got the best of me...yesterday I felt like I had one foot in the grave and made a doc's appointment which confirmed the pnuemonia I already diagnosed. 

I'm sitting here typing this post to past the time while waiting on a home health nurse to arrive-this was the option I chose instead of being hospitalized.  I'm holding the line wishing I had a glass of wine.

As far as words from me on Obama's win I'm elated and taken with his role in history and have not felt this way since Mandela's release from prison (which I also had pnuemonia then).  For what I want to say, I'm not ready.  I'll be processing for a long while and am not sure I will do so here.  I'm thinking about starting a blog to document my reactions to the Obama and first family's role for the next four years. 


  1. Powerful ... all of it ... your work ... your words ...
    It's major bummer that you're ill. I'm sorry you're going through all this on top of your chronic woes.

  2. Rest and not fret. Tea and all kindness for yourself.
    I will make prayers for you. Little fiber prayers.

  3. I have been thinking about you for days!!!!! I was worried that the excitement of it all did you in. PLEASE take good care of yourself. The work you are doing is wonderful. Hangeth in, sister.

  4. Oh! You poor dear - please feel better fast. Are you always this stubborn?! I think many of us are elated and proud to be a par to fthis historic moment in time. AS the song says "'s been a long time coming...". Namaste

  5. This election feels like a new beginning for me, like I can take a deep breath and relax after years of feeling uptight. Take care of your health, your work is so great, don't you feel like you had a breakthrough at the class, I know I did.

  6. Your creative bursts just keep coming. So sorry that your election excitement has been dampened by illness, K.
    Oh, and I love the title of the performance - "Dear Felicia: A Soldier's Manual for Birds and Angels."

  7. i am hoping you get through your illness with ease....and find new strength for you new goals.

  8. Please take care of yourself! Tea, chicken soup, and lots of rest. I can only try to imagine how this (meaaning the election) must feel in your shoes.
    All the fabric behind you looks luscious, by the way.

  9. Oh poor you! Having had pneumonia twice, I know how awful it is. Hoping that you can take lots and lots of time to rest. I'm thrilled to bits with the election results too, and look forward to reading your thoughts on it when you are up to sharing them.

  10. The pieces you've been working on are great!
    Due to bad health this past year I have not kept up with the blogs, but glad I got to this one. Is the pneumonia because of the Sarcoid? Rest and care for yourself and hug your joys to your breast. I cannot claim to feel your feelings about this historic happening, because my experience has been different, but I joy for the young people of this country that can look up and see that the formerly unthinkable has now happened. I was touched by the tears on the cheeks of Jesse Jackson on election night, and knew that they were shared by so many other Americans. May God grant that we can all be healed of our ignorant biases and hatreds.
    I think your idea of a blog journal of your experience would enrich us all.