Sunday, November 9, 2008

i'm really desperate now to find this

The death of Studs Terkel sent me back to my early teen years.  Saturday mornings I listed to his radio show and Saturday afternoons I listened to Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis' radio show.  I did that for years. It was such a routine part of my Saturdays.  I can't imagine too many people now actually count "sitting and listening to the radio" as an activity in and of itself.  I listen to radio now while I'm cooking, driving, and during light reading.  Man, that was back in the day when radio and tv stations acutally signed off!!!!  As much as I love my internet access I do infrequently mourn the 24-7 availabity to plug-into-any-technology-drug-of-choice that we have. 

But this time internet access is failing me and I'm desperate to find issued cds of the archived radio shows with Dee and Davis.  The name of the show was With Ossie and Ruby.  If anyone out there who stumbles by or comes to visit can lead me in the right direction or strong clue, please help me out!  I'll be so happy and grateful!

Thanks, now I'm off to see if I can find Studs' shows on cd. 


  1. I've been searching the 'net high-and-low for this for you and have not found it yet; however, I found this interesting website: and there you will hear an interview with Studs Terkel. Hope this helps a little bit ...

  2. Glad you are feeling better and I mourn Studs Terkel right along with you. Ossie & Ruby - what a couple! I, too, will see what I can find.
    I have an idea of where to search...

  3. I mourn the loss of Studs Terkel as well. I think I'll listen to my favorite songs from Working and read some of the interviews from the book the musical was based upon.
    If anyone finds a source of the CDs of Ossie and Ruby, I'd be interested in them as well. There is a special pleasure in listening to radio shows, and there were so many good ones over the years. Can't imagine that there isn't a source somewhere!

  4. I can a gazillion sites of interests but zilch on what I'm looking for...however! I discovered Dee/Davis have a son that is a blues musician, Guy Davis. I going to write him a snail mail letter to see if he can help me. And I'm calling the local radio stations to see what I can turn up.