Friday, August 28, 2009

It goes...

which is better than it not going.

Just a summary update on the basement restoration which I'm calling "Beginning Again".  Basement framed, drywall installed, shower is in, sink too wide, toilet works, washer, dryer, hot water heater delivered, electrician called, electrician needs to come back, progress made, FEMA added to the pot...more to come.

I've added a new photo album in my sidebar to document the restoration but so far it only has 3 photos in it. 

I have creative outlets that I've put in place in order to keep my hands, mind, and ideas flowing but so far I've not been inclined to do any of them.  Just been feeling a little flat, ya know what I mean? 

The books and magazines that I had to throw out have been replaced and receiving them has been a source of joy and perks in what sometimes has seemed like endless days.  I greatly appreciate the assistance and kind comments. 



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saving Graces and Other Reasons to Shout!

We're going to duct tape Mrs. Helen, my mama, to a chair today! She doesn't know how not to be involved or sit still.  She use to tell me all the time as a teen, a hard head makes for a soft behind.  Me thinks she needs to follow her own advice. 

Last week when my sister and bil came to tear out the panelling and bathroom, my mother was still trying to help out.  She had already washed down the basement floor to rinse away the gunk left behind by the sewage water all by herself a few nights before.  She puts all of her children and grandchildren to shame and nor are we as healthy as she is.  God is good, eh?!


Here is my BIL who worked his tail off...and he is not a young man despite what he says ;)


Prior to all this, I spent a day at a sewing retreat with some wonderful friends and I meant to share some photos-


This is Sherita's sister who visited from nothern of her projects was this adorably cute dress she was making for child in her family.  And below is Rhonda, working on a pillow case with a golf theme for her husband...and below is what I worked on as well as the goodies I picked up at the 50% sale at a quilt store that is closing.




Here is the piece I have at hand that will be finished with hand stitching. 



Another saving grace has been the kindness and thoughtfulness expressed by my sisteren bloggers and friends.  In addition to the books being replaced the greater benefit is the inspiration I've received which motivates me to aspire to be a stronger, better person.  For this I'm most grateful!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ironing Party and Margueritas

at my place!  I really wish it so!  Humour gets me through a lot of stuff beyond my control and just for the fun I wish I could make pitchers of Margeritas for everyone as a gesture of kindness for your offers and kinder words.  As I glance over  at the pile of fabrics that need ironing...its as least 4 Marguerita pitchers high and I couldn't very well drink 4 pitchers all by myself!

In all seriousness though, my love and appreciation to each of you.  And since I'm not alone I just wanted to update the progress...the adjustor came this morning and it went smoothly...she estimated the damage at 15,000 but the alloted limit is 1/3 of that...since we are using the DIY plan, after my parents finish with the home essentials if there is enough to cover the books I lost, I'll get them from that, if not, I will definitely let Gerrie isn't that many but they are core books to my processes.

The HVAC person was there today and cleaned out the furnace and replaced a small piece and said that my parents where lucky that the motor didn't sit low.  My sons and friends will start on removal of the paneling and the bathroom tomorrow while my mother and I pick up supplies.  Ya know, some people take atrip of a lifetime, climb mountains, go scuba-diving, or get a personal makeover...instead of sporadic posting like I had thought, I'll just treat this as one big long adventure :) 

In the comments of the previous post, Dee mentioned the UofL library flooding, not only did the UofL library flood as much of the campus did, but the Main branch of our City's library loosing all their books stored for the annual sale, their new books that come in for all the branches, and their bookmobile trucks, and the mainframe for the computer the tune of 5 million in property damage.  Libraries are such vital focal points and common ground for each and every citizen it serves...I lean heavily toward the belief that without museums (art) and libraries everyone would succumb to the uglier sides of humanity.

Again, I appreciate the kind words and offers incredibly!  Peace!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well, the creek did rise...but the sun will shine again in my back door someday ;)

This is not the entry I'm thrilled to write...but until I can find my feet again I'm going to park my butt whereever I can until I'm back in stride...thats Karoda speak for my workshop was dismantled today due to sewage back up caused by the storm we had last Tuesday...7-8 inches of rain fell in 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The gunky water receded immediately after the rain stopped but there is damage (not as bad as most who where affected, but significant) that requires the bathroom to be removed as well as most of the panelling and my mother lost her dryer.  Their insurance coverage will not be we went into plan B today...the DIY plan and calling somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody...for clean-up and repairs.  I'm also hoping that my renter's insurance will cover my personal property that I definitely want replaced (about 7 or so of my new art quilt books)

Thanks to my oldest son, Adrian and his friend Al, for coming to the rescue on the clean-up part!  The good news is most of my stuff survived...I had to grieve the lost of sketch journals created over the last 5-6 years and some fairly new art quilt books I had stacked in a basket next to my comfy chair...Fabric wise, I'm washing as I type, I'm okay...I think the fabrics helped absorb a lot quickly and prevented the water from spreading on my side of the basement.  I might have lost my computer, but for me that is no big deal.  My large rugs are lost and not worth the physical effort to clean them and I'm okay with that also.  The pat on the back I gave myself is the wisdom to put the electrical outlets for my machines/iron half way up the wall! 

On a much happier note, I had an absolute inspiring time in Elizabethtown last Thursday evening...sitting in a circle with about 20 woment artists from Central Kentucky and Louisville discussing our art and feminism, personal identities and experiences and social change!  It was an extension of the wonderful time I had in Athens with my sister-friends 2 weeks ago!!!!  I'm going to be leaning on the memories of these two events to get me through the down time.

My posts will be sporadic until I can celebrate the restoration of my workshop space.  Hangeth in!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friends and Family

Acey asked to see the beads I purchased in is my lot along with head shots of the fantastic women I shared the trip with.  We've kicked around art collaborative ideas for years and one of these days despite the hundreds of miles that seperate each of us, we'll pull something off and it will be first and foremost FUN as well as a unique project that reflects each of us and our shared friendship going on about ten years. 

Athens Ohio 

While in Athens I purchased af book written by Zakes Mda, a South African and a professor at Ohio University.  The title, Cion, a novel, involves a South African who relocates to Ohio, USA and travels history by way of learning about quilts.  Ron and Crystal heard him speak at the Antioch Writer's Conference and knew I would be intrigued.  After seeing the cover of the book I realized I had this book in my 45 page Amazon wish list simply because the art that adorns his books is strongly appealing.  Rudy gutierrez is the illustrator for what appears to be all of Mda's novels which I haven't started on yet.  My current fiction read is A'mercy by Toni Morrison and I'm not sure which I'll dive into next. 

We (Peter and Ade) did an impromptu drive today to Utica, Indiana along the river to go to Hidden Hill Farm and Nursery.  It was our first time there and it is a great place to hang out and chill.  It is owned by retired journalist from our local paper, Bob HIll...he was kind enough to dig up and give me flowers that have mystified me for about a year or more...they are called "naked ladies" and are in the amaryllis family.  I'm going to plant them in my mother's yard. (ssshhhh, she doesn't know it yet).  When ever I see these flowers they always get my attention and make me smile.  I'll get a photo after I plant them.  I also picked up a new mug for tea (I use smaller mugs for demands a heftier mug).  I think we'll return, there was so much to take in and absorb.

Hidden Hill Nursery and Farm