Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Day at the Fair....

Its not the rides, cotton candy, or deep fried butter...its not the horses, music concerts, or 84,000 ton tomato...for me, its all about the exhibits.  I love seeing what people make, create, and collect throughout the state.

Last Friday, I spent the day browsing and even though I was there for 4 hours I can tell you it wasn't enough time.  When I got to the quilts the first quilt I ran into was from someone I use to be in a guild with.  Willie Pride, she had 2 quilts entered.  She buys all of her material from thrift shops and they are mostly men's shirts...she loves plaids!

another Pride quilt below


Below are some snap shots of things I saw and liked...

aquariums exhibit...just loved the blueness of these fish.

walking/hiking sticks (2 have been stolen)

cake decor

and check out this cake meets political commentary


DSCN2514 - Copy
antique fine china (it was the yellow cake set that wowed me)

miniature kitchen in cross-stitch!

KY State Fair 2011
for Deb, my sister, you does heirloom sewing

KY State Fair 20111
art from recyclables (you might enlarge this photo to see the music conductor in coat hanger wire)

and art by LAFTA members

KY State Fair 20112

I was completely exhausted when I left there on Friday, so much so, that I was unable to make it to open studio for Trolley Hop.  I slept most of the evening and stayed in most of the weekend and Monday to recuperate...but it was worth it...where else could I see so much diverse creations in a public event under one roof???!!!!

And I made it into the studio yesterday and finally snapped pictures of my special this will be a 2 post blog day! ;)



  1. After looking at your pictures, I think I will go to the TN State Fair when it comes next month :c) Thanks for getting my curosity up! Take care!

  2. I love the fair. Spent many a day there in the olden days. I should make a trip to the Oregon State Fair.