Thursday, August 11, 2011

For avoiding trains

I go to my studio.  This is what I did yesterday.


2 quarts of print paste, one for hand-painting the other for screening and breakdown printing, 2 different consistencies,


and soy wax resist. the wax is still on the fabric here.

The morning has started out stressful...I was so declaring my mother's move as an emancipation from stress and worry but we're bumping heads over the way she is handling some affairs and I'm torn between sitting back and watching the train wreck or trying to guide the train to another track.   I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to handling business...I like for things to be settled, neat and tidy, to avoid surprises and crisises.  My Mother is stubborn, I mean STUBBORN and is of the mindset that one doesn't discuss details of personal affairs especially with one's children.  I'm of the mindset that too much secrecy and lies causes confusion and chaos in intimate relationships.  I know the past year has been an adjustment for her but she has continued to live like my father's income is still there.  As much as I find him annoying, I think we all need one long Dr. Phil session.  Is 10am too early for bourbon on the rocks?



  1. This is such a difficult situation. I really feel for you. Is it possible for you to have power of attorney?

  2. Maybe the bourbon could go in some oj? LOL
    I love the batik piece you are doing!
    Hangeth In!

  3. So sorry you are having these issues- and I hope you can find someone even better than Dr. Phil to help you out. In the meantime, I'm glad you have your print paste and dyes to keep you busy!!

  4. I suggest praying to God for wisdom in handling this situation. This is a delicate situation and some or all of us will or have had to be put in this position. Lean not unto your own understanding but in prayer make your supplication known unto God and He will direct you. Prov. 3:4,5,6.
    I have found that we need divine guidance in every aspect of our lives.

  5. when i saw the two blenders i thought you were making a drink for the both of us. breath and relax, this too shall past. you will be laughing about how the both of you carried on.

  6. no honeychile....sometimes that one drink is warranted. Hope you and your Mom finds the the peace as you go forward.