Friday, August 26, 2011

Okay, let's have some fun...

This will be a communal creation.  A collage I started yesterday while visiting a friend.  What I do well is creating backgrounds and I gravitated to the background cloth and I could have added some stitching and metal embellishments and some writing or lettering and I would have been satisfied...But getting satisfaction was not the way to go...pushing myself was the cause for the day.  We did a lot of talking which is why I didn't get any further than this... TopMy first suggestion is to add color on the white geometric shapes surrounding her face.  Gimme some suggestions on where to go next.  As I make changes I'll post the updates.

My friend gave me the coolest gifts yesterday!  When I showed them to my grandsons, the oldest one, age 5 said "cool" and the youngest one, age 3 said "ewwww" and backed way back.  Look for a post over the weekend to find out what they are! 



  1. I think the yoyo's distract from the lovely lady's face. When you firt look at it you try to see what are the yoyo's. Take them off the piece and let her face with all the geometric pieces explode around her and she becomes the center attraction.

  2. gently disagreeing that the yoyo's distract. I just don't think they've come to ultimate design fruition yet. My suggestion is to add something to the blanker pink spaces above the yoyos that help to draw the eye from the TOP of the piece downward THROUGH the yoyo's to the face. Whatever the "thing" is (I was thinking something circular and stand-out - maybe very light to foil the yoyo's yoyo's darkness) could then be somewhat superimposed on the stencilled (?) areas - possibly in a different color if too much light addition then makes that part of the piece uneven.
    Just in case this is useful the face is the first thing I saw in the piece but with my skewed visual/processing receptors I might not be a reliable witness.
    And we're all fine. Haven't answered my blog comments yet to let you know I do appreciate the good wishes.