Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back Again in Studio 3

Dscn1839 Dscn1840 Dscn1841 Dscn1842 Dscn1844 Dscn1850    The function of the item in the previous post will be revealed over the weekend.  Meanwhile, here are photos of my set up and the work I accomplished today.  The piece with the ankhs was in limbo until an angel gifted me with the coptic crosses on the left.  I am now very satisfied with the focal points and will be facing the fear of quilting it this week.

At the symposium in July, Juanita did a color workshop and for the first time I have an intimate relationship with my color wheel! The palette in the first photo above was sorted by value after I selected the colours from my blues and greens. This is the beginning of my next quilt.


  1. Karen ... I plan to join you next week. I hope your creative energy will rub off on my weary bones.
    Thanks for the kind words about the work .. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday... Valerie

  2. wow...what a set up...go go go!!! Ginger

  3. How fantastic. I hope your studio encourges you to do great things!