Tuesday, August 22, 2006

To my family, friends, and sistah bloggers

thank you for sharing in my joy on the republication of my poem!  Its a full circle feeling to have a poem published now in light of not having written a poem in almost 5 years.  While waiting for an echocardiagram today and browsing through the Gallery Issue of Surface Design magazine it hit me to create a series called Weaving Poetics.  My hands begin to tingle as I visualized designs in my head and I re-thought the idea of not going to Studio 3 today.  But I'm holding to my plans to block the This Far By Faith (working title of the blue and green piece in 2 posts below) today at home and I'm going to start the beginnings of Weaving Poetics which I can do at home also.  I think if I had dedicated permanent space to work in, I'd be the type of quilter who had multiple projects going on and I can now see the benefit of having more than one sewing machine set up to accomodate multiple works in progress.  Back in June when I was in Studio 3, I observed Kim (the long term artist in residence) and another artist from Los Angeles working around their studios on mulitple canvases and I wondered about this for my own work...if I would work on multiple projects or focus on one from beginning to completion. 

Last night, leaving Studio 3, I stepped out into pitch black darkness.  Quite a jolt to this city girl of just how dark night can get.  I was only parked a few feet from the door but stepped by in to turn the hall light on so that I could see my way to the car.  If I had given myself enough time I'm sure my eyes would have adjusted. I was intimidated by it and wanted the comfort of a light.  When I go tomorrow I'm taking a flash light.


  1. I love that tingly feeling of a good idea and the inspiration to do something with it :-) I am sooooooo happy that I have a dedicated space to work (even if I do have to occassionally reliquish it when guests come over) just so that I can have multiple projects in progress, and so I don't have to clean up my mess so often!

  2. So happy for the tingly feeling and the creaive juices that accompany it. Take care of your self!

  3. Karen, this is awesome!!!
    Now it seems to me that there must be a way to incorporate your poetry into your quilts.
    No use in letting go of any of your God given and/or hard earned talents.

  4. Seconding Bev on incorporating BOTH your incredible talents! Might be just the thing to keep those creative juices flowing and the excitment primed when you feel a slump coming on!
    Also chiming in on the "darkness" at the MACA.. You seen where I live, kinda rural and the "dark" at the MACA was a little unsettling to me as well!! Like you I knew I could "adjust" if I gave myself a moment, but I didn't feel the need to stretch my nerves that tight! LOL.. Flashlights are dang important.. especially out there. That is some enveloping, obsidian darkness!

  5. Congratulations!! What a lovely achievement to be published. Thankyou, too, for the link :D