Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day 2 in Studio 3

Some doodles from my sketch book...a combination of pastels, coloured pencils, and water colours-

Dscn1863_2 Dscn1859_2 Dscn1861_3

Dscn1862 Doodling these right before I leave to head home marks the transition.  When I arrive I spend about an hour practicing free motion quilting before working on specific projects.  Today I quilted this...this is its original orientation but I think it works hung in other directions too.  This came out of the symposium I attended in July.  My intent with the quilt design was to mimick the slanted kinda turned out and it kinda didn't...i.e. I like the design but in some spots it doesn't compliment the top design.  I'm going back over the red lines to make them stand out more...I should have used a heavier weight in red thread but I can't spend another cent so I had to make do.

Design_3 Dscn1851 Dscn1852_1

Dscn1857_1 I was going to stay home tomorrow but then I remembered I wanted to take this to the LAFTA (Louisville Area Fiber & Textile Artists) meeting tomorrow night, so I will go back up in the afternoon and either put a facing on it or an escape hatch finish to complete it in time for show and tell.


  1. Hi Karoda!
    I like the orientation at 1:00. It looks like you took a Nancy Crow class! Nice work. Are you going to make color versions now?

  2. Karoda,
    This is all fascinating work, but can you explain a little what you mean by Studio 3??

  3. I love the black and white study. And that monochromatic green sketch - ooooh!

  4. I really like the b&w piece. Looks like you have been one busy lady.

  5. The black and white looks fantastic!

  6. I wouldn't complain about any aspect of this work! Really well done.